FFVII’s Story in Art: Final Fantasy VII: Moments – Over 200 Works

Final Fantasy VII Moments by Eyes On Final Fantasy

Eyes on Final Fantasy Presents…

Final Fantasy VII: Moments was created over a period of four months. The project finished with over 200 works of art by over 100 artists, telling the complete story of Final Fantasy VII in an art storyboard – sort of like a Let’s Play but in art form. For this video, we have set the art to music. Book an hour of your day, sit back and get nostalgic as we take you through the same rollercoaster ride that Cloud and AVALANCHE took us on back in 1997.

If you love Final Fantasy VII as much as we do, we hope you laugh, we concede you may shed a tear. We hope you appreciate all the art created for this project, which was made in celebration of our site and community at Eyes on Final Fantasy reaching our 15th Birthday.

FULL ART, INFO, CREDITS & ARTIST COMMENTARY: http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.p…
I was going to detail the artist for each time frame but YouTube said the description was too long!

Want to get involved in this kind of Final Fantasy project? Register at Eyes on Final Fantasy and express your interest to the owner, Loony BoB, who manages art projects for us!

A huge thanks to all the artists involved. It was a mammoth task involving people from all over the world and even required a fair bit of Google Translate, but we did it!

PS: Spot the Final Fantasy VII Easter Eggs!
– A chocobo plushie.
– A chocobo visits a church.
– A face in a blade.
– Child Zack
– Johnny leaves a message
– Malboro cigarettes
– Sephiroth leaves a message.
– Tifa takes a selfie.
– Vincent in Chaos form
– Where’s Waldo/Wally?

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