Nintendo Discontinues 3DS in Favor of Upcoming #New3DS , Wildly Popular 3DS XL , and Budget Model 2DS


Reports that have since been confirmed by Gamestop reps have come in that retailers are no longer listing stock for brand new models of the traditional Nintendo 3DS. These are well known to many YouTubers as the easiest 3DS handheld systems to get modded with built-in capture devices for creating great gameplay videos and livestreams. Now, that type of setup will be even more rare it seems, at least for the time being. Nintendo will not be updating stock with further shipments of the original 3DS model to retailers and instead will focus on rolling out the New3DS as well as selling off the remaining 3DS XL units while they are still popular, keeping 2DS alive for now so anybody low on cash can still jump into this great platform’s fun library. Those who demand a 3DS before this is all said and done, there is always the used market – better get online and buy one before this news spreads far and wide since Nintendo hardware doesn’t seem to drop in value too much these days.


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