GameStop Offers Exclusive Variant For Marvel’s Star Wars Issue #1 To Power-Up Reward Members


When Disney purchased LucasFilm LTD it gained all of its film properties most notably Star Wars they canceled all previous in-devours,business ventures and projects and started a new with all new projects related to those properties. This move ended the Dark Horses run with Star Wars and the rights to the comic book for the intellectual  property have been transferred back to Marvel Comics which hasn’t had the rights to the series for almost 3o years. It has been reported that Marvel Stars Wars  #1 (Vol 2) will sell well over one million copies when its is released when its released next Wednesday January 14 2015 and Gamestop has offered a Exclusive Variant for the first 10,000 Power-Up Rewards members to purchase with their Power-Up Rewards points. This maybe be a great opportunity for collector’s and Star Wars fans alike because comic variants tend to be worth more than the standard issue cover and will be worth more if the stand issue reaches its one million sales mark. Star Wars Fans that have Gamestop Power-Up rewards accounts with 8000 points saved up should head over to their website here log in and claim the issues before time runs out. If you have claimed the offer or intend or picking up Marvel’s Star Wars Issue when it is released next week let us know in the comments below and as always check to RGN for all your Video Game related news.

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