Evolve Pre-Order on Xbox ONE Saves You Hours of Grinding, Instant 3rd Tier

Evolve Xbox One Pre Order RealGamerNewz

Looks like the crowd’s cries have been heard! For those who felt they were being punished by 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios for owning an Xbox ONE and missing out on some of the Evolve Alpha play time, this should turn things around for your dedicated support of the game regardless of said feedback.

Gamers who grab Evolve on Xbox ONE instead of PlayStation 4 or Windows PC will be able to get 5 characters unlocked when first booting up the game. With a serious amount of gameplay required to unlock these characters normally, gamers are saving hours and hours of grinding by doing this.

Evolve’s Xbox ONE Exclusive Pre-Order Benefits:

  • Wraith Monster in Open Beta
  • Wraith Monster in Full Game (Instantly Unlocked)
  • Hunter: Parnell (Third Tier) (Instantly Unlocked)
  • Hunter: Abe (Third Tier) (Instantly Unlocked)
  • Hunter: Caira (Third Tier) (Instantly Unlocked)
  • Hunter: Cabot (Third Tier) (Instantly Unlocked)

Turtle Rock Studios opens up the Xbox ONE Evolve Beta January 15, 2015 and it lasts for four days. This will be the first time players are able to get their hands on the Evacuation Mode of the game in which hunters must flee from the monster (1v4 rather than 4v1 multiplayer online scenario).

If you’re new to hearing about Evolve, this game features four online players taking the role of hunters while one online player takes the role of monster. This ends up with 4 versus 1 gameplay the likes of which hasn’t been fully realized in the industry until now. As always, unique ideas like this should be encouraged, and we hope that Evolve lives up to the full potential for a warm reception upon its release date on February 10, 2015.

Check out the following playlist of all officially released Evolve Gameplay Footage, Dev Diary Content, and Trailers below:

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