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Final Horizon PS4 Review - RealGamerNewz Josh PR Editor

Final Horizon comes from Eiconic Games who were founded in 2006 in Oxford, England they primarily develop using their own proprietary software called Moai. Eiconic Games has also developed games for iOS, Android, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live Arcade. Some of these titles include: Arctic Adventures, Polar Panic, Squeeballs party, mercury, pulsAR, Brain Freeze, Total Recoil, and of course Final Horizon.

Final Horizon has a campaign that is very light on the story and more about the gameplay. I bit of the story is told through little typed clips in between the levels so it leaves a lot to be desired. Final Horizon is being touted as a two minute strategy game and that is pretty much the best way to sum up the gameplay since a match can be played in just under a few minutes. Each level in Final Horizon introduces different towers to use in combat usually by starting out in a VR training levels and then switching to the actual combat a few levels after that so the user can learn to control their towers. The user will get to take control of a few towers and seeing that this game can be played on vita and PlayStation TV its a good thing that this isn’t much more than that since the towers would likely get out of control on a small touch screen.

Final Horizon takes place across 3 different galaxies and there is 50 levels to conquer as well as 100 objectives to complete. The game also released an expansion pack the Dark Galaxy with 1 galaxy and it features 20 levels to complete. If all of the objectives in the game are completed the user will unlock a Platinum Trophy which is really awesome for a $15 game. Final Horizon features all kinds of towers that a normal user would find in a tower defense game as well as some new ones to take on the alien lifeforms. Towers need to be adapted and upgraded in order to beat each of the levels and this comes with more time spent playing the games.

Final Horizon Review RealGamerNewz

Final Horizon can be picked up easily by anyone since the controls on the PS4 are easy to use and master. The game was definitely built really well since never while playing the game is there a need to look down at the controller since the game flows really well together. Final Horizon has the controls down to a T easy to add units as well as destroy them in a quick pinch so that others can be added this game was meant to be played fast and the developer really took this into consideration when putting the controls together for the PS4. Final Horizon has a lot to offer besides beating the campaign users can go back and do score challenge where they can go back and replay levels to get the best possible score.

Final Verdict:

Final Horizon is a great strategy game that has come to PS4, Vita, and PlayStation TV its a great game that has great combat that can be sat down and played in quick two minute successions allowing any user to enjoy this great title. While this is a great game it does come with some flaws, the difficulty in the game isn’t the best at times and enemies are extremely easy to pick off. The game has to be one of the better strategy games on the platform and can’t wait to see what comes from this developer next.

Overall Score: 7/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Eiconic Games

Available On: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV (AKA VitaTV)

Played On: PlayStation 4

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