Destiny Level 33 Hard Mode of Crota’s End Raid Unlocks January 21 [New Gear]

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Destiny gamers face off in what Bungie is calling a race to the death (more specifically ‘Death Race 2015’ were their exact words). In just a few days New Guns and Gear as well as up to Level 33 will be unlocked as players experience Hard Mode of the Crota’s End Raid. The following is a comprehensive list of unlockable gear being added to the game for free through the Destiny Update on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live respectively for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 players of Activision and Bungie’s newest franchise.

New Gear:

Auto Rifle: Abyss Defiant

Abyss Defiant Destiny Gun

“We will not go quietly.”

Scout Rifle: Fang of Ir YÛT

Fang of Ir Yut Destiny Level 33 Gun

 “This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die.”

Pulse Rifle: Oversoul Edict

Oversoul Edict Free DLC Update Gun Destiny Activision

“The light of the will of Crota shines down like a vast and inverse sun.”

Hand Cannon: Word of Crota

Word of Crota RealGamerNewz Destiny Xbox One PS4

“There was life, and He spoke unto it, and it was silent, and lived no more.”

“Hard Mode is also the only place to obtain “Crux of Crota,” the final piece needed to upgrade the Eidolon Ally (the gun formerly known as Husk of the Pit) to its full, Necrochasmic glory” – Bungie

Auto Rifle Upgrades: Husk of the Pit >> Necrochasm

Husk of the Pit Crux of Crota Upgrade Necrochasm

“Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?”

Ship: Bane of the Dark Gods

Destiny Ship Upgrade Crota Bane of Dark Gods

Excerpt from Deej Official Bungie Weekly Update for Destiny:


Finally, there’s also a Hard Mode Exclusive color palette for your gear. It’s called Glowhoo. The first of you to earn it gets to show it off.

  • On Your Marks!
  • Tuesday, January 20th
  • Update will set the table. Patch Notes will be published when it’s available for download.

Get Set!

Wednesday, January 21st

Follow us on Twitter. There will be a manual start for Hard Mode. I’ll swing from vine to vine in our studio and give you a glimpse at what it’s like when we push big red buttons. Our target will be 10AM Pacific (West Coast). Just like you, we hit most of what we shoot for. Nevertheless, stay tuned.”

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