Battlefield 4 Isn’t Over Yet.. Final Stand was Just the tip of the Iceberg.. But are Gamers Ready??


Yes the title does read correctly, EA is planning more for Battlefield 4. But what does that mean exactly? More guns, maps, camo, gadgets, paints, *gasp* KNIVES!! Well we don’t know specifically yet what all is to come. But EA has stated that Final Stand will not be the Final DLC for Battlefield 4. Now this game had a rough start I will admit. I was anxious for them to fix the servers, get the DLC out, and everything else upon launch especially fixing the Net-code. Hell I even got premium. At the start it didn’t seem worth it, Every time I got killed in 1 bullet w/o a head-shot, or every time I had to restart (A.K.A Re-Set up my classes, options, etc..)And even before they fixed it I knew I was playing a broken game as much as I denied it all, and I still played it too, but it was still broke.


Many gave up on this game, and many stopped playing EA games all together which may be a bit far fetched but it had that impact, and I can kind of understand why. With technology ever increasing,  gamers and many more rely on companies to give us what we want and what is advertised, not broken Net-Code or glitchy servers. And sometimes that is what we get anyway. But it is from those high expectations from gamers that we truly see what a company is made of. It took time but EA did finally fix a lot of issues pertaining to BF4, Some issues still exist but it won’t ever be a perfect game I can tell you that right now, because where ever comes a fix for a game,  a new glitch/bug will arise to take it’s place.

But the real question is, Are gamers ready and willing to get this second batch of DLC? Or even more so, if they offer Premium, will gamers get it? Well after all gamers went through, expecting a great game and getting a bunch of Net-Code issues, I highly doubt some people will come back for the second batch and sure enough they have either already moved on to Battlefield Hard-Line or gave up entirely and went to play the new Call of Duty *Pukes* ugh, sorry, I’m umm, I’m sick. yeah I’m sick.  But either way a lot of gamers won’t be there for this second batch as much as gamers who stuck by the game will be. I know ill be ready for it. Will you? Check out funny moments from BF4 below and as they all say, see you on the battlefield.

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