@SquareEnix Issues Public #FinalFantasy Survey, FAN RESPONSES ARE IN!!!

Square Enix Issues Public Final Fantasy Survey For Fans

Don’t get your hopes up though, this is a short and sweet, seemingly mobile-centric Final Fantasy survey which is over before you know it and does not provide a space for open feedback. Users took to the Square Enix Facebook page to request a number of features and provide points of feedback including the following fan quotes below.

Fan Requests / Feedback Being Made:

  1. Final Fantasy Remakes of all Shapes, Colors, and Sizes (Mostly Debates over FF VII).
  2. “Less phone games by Square.”
  3. “You’ll notice that FF: Tactics was nowhere in that list for the last game you’ve played. Which sucks, because that’s the only one I play regularly.”
  4. “This list needs Final Fantasy Tactics. Shame it’s not there… Hopefully this feedback helps and oh… Down with mobile games!”
  5. “Damn, I was hoping to give Feed back like The new installments from X to the 13’s are Failing I Liked the old school Final fantasy With world map pilot-able Airship and Class system.”
  6. “I’d like to tell them. After the merger to squeenix. It’s been a downhill spiral.”
  7. “Now, release Final Fantasy VI for Steam and consider a Final Fantasy IX port please.”
  8. “Bury 7 so people stop asking for a remake.”
  9. “Final fantasy helped me get through My childhood”
  10. “Super Mario RPG, Dragon Warrior/Quest and Sa.Ga (Final Fantasy Adventure trilogy) on the Nintendo Virtual Console.”
  11. “I’d like to see a real open world Final Fantasy title, though I hear XV will be that. I’m kind of tied between JRPG and WRPG as my favorite genre.”
  12. “It didn’t ask for any kind of rating or opinion of our purchase… except for mobile games. 🙁 “
  13. “I hope to see this surveys more often!! You can get a lot of feedback or very important information!”
  14. “Any freebies for completing the survey? Lol.”
  15. “SE is doing so badly because They broke away from what Fans loved And believe Me I Have talked to many Fans.”

Give Your Feedback HERE (via SE)

These are the most well represented opinions to be found, but Square Enix will be receiving hundreds to possibly thousands of pieces of feedback to this particular survey and the overwhelming theme remains the same for a lot of that feedback. Fans want to see the OLD style of Final Fantasy return, not JUST in remakes but also in the form of new games made in the classic style. It’s high time Square Enix deliver on these fan requests in a way that can please this demographic of gamers who are losing hope on a franchise that has been a staple of many people’s lives for decades.

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