20,000 People Sign Petition in Spain to Ban Bull Fighting Video Game

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A game about bull fighting has a 20,000 signature petition against it in Spain and now censorship threatens to close the game development studio behind the title if it is not allowed to release. Financially, video games take years to make, most development studios have their entire future riding on each release.

Toro is being accused of promoting animal violence, however it is actually part of a long standing heritage and provides the virtual alternative to viewing these historical sports which the modern world now views as wrong and cruel against animals (which I totally agree with).

It’s a game, it’s not real and actually spares real bulls: who want a bullfight can go play instead of giving audience in the arena. Showing our future generations how barbaric man has been in the past allows them to learn how we have evolved and become a more civilized planet, while at the same time warning them of the dangerous of turning backwards on the road to evolution.

Updated: RGN Community Response

One reader Mixelon wrote the following in response to this article:

“Wtf. In a country where bull fighting is legal, bullfighting videogames risk censorship? That’s some bizarre inconsistency.

I’m ALl for banning ACTUAL bull fighting, it’s stupidly barbaric and has absolutely no place in the modern world.. All animal blood sports should be banned..

Games about it though? I think a bullfighting videogames sounds potentially interesting if a bit limited.. If anything if it shows how freaking horrible the whole thing is it could be beneficial.”

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