President Obama’s Statement on Keeping the Internet Open and Free

President Obama

President Barack Obama made a statement today concerning Net Neutrality and urging the Senate, FCC, and United States people to keep the Internet open and free. For those who are not aware, Net Neutrality is a complicated issue that mainly deals with Internet Service Providers who have created large monopolies over time changing the way that they do business going forward. If actions aren’t taken to prevent these changes, media companies such as Netflix or even heavily relied on public services such as Google would have to pay Internet Providers extra money for their users based on bandwidth usage.

The full implications of this are not totally understood still, but think of it like a water company trying to charge you extra for a cup of water that they know will be used to make coffee rather than drink plain. This type of problem has the potential to crash and ruin the usefulness of the Internet and is not a problem that can simply be solved by the free market fixing itself unfortunately, since all Internet start up companies are quickly squashed by the legal teams at places like Comcast and Time Warner.

Take a look at the video of President Obama and see what he has to say on the issue below. We urge everyone to do their own research about this issue and look further into it with as many diverse sources of information as possible. It’s pretty funny too how The White House puts a fake buffering animation at the start of this video, poking fun at how major Internet companies got caught last year slowing down services like YouTube and Netflix in an attempt to force users to pay the Cable companies for movies again that they were watching online instead.

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