New Monster DNA Pro – Tech Review: Better Than Dr. Dre Beats

Monster DNA PRO

Have you ever wanted a pair of headphones that make you feel that you are right in the middle of everything? Then these are the headphones for you! The Monster DNA PRO are the highest quality headphones that Monster has on the market crisp sound and the best of all it gives emphasis on the bass of any song. Great quality durable and are the greatest design of headphones blows the competition away.

I have used many noise canceling headphones but these take the cake and blows it away. The first song I tried these out with was the new Iggy Azalea – “Black Widow” and as you know the first 5 to 10 seconds have one of the best bass lines of any song out there. When you put these on you automatically eliminate all of the outside noise and can get into your music without outside interruptions. These headphones are stylish that will go with anything you want to wear plus with any other tech that you may have (i.e. Tablets, phones, ect.)


When you connect a PlayStation Vita or a Nintendo 3DS you get better sound quality out of the system then playing with regular headphones or with the speakers that are on there already. Right now, from my perspective, the DNA PRO are even better than the DR. DRE BEATS. I have tried it out with different genres of music; Pop, Rock, Metal, IPOP, KPOP, and with all of these different genres out there I thought that it would make a difference when you play different types of music – but it doesn’t. The DNA PRO continues to have a nice crisp bass pounding sound no matter what genre you throw at it.

These are way better then the Sols that I have been using for over and I honestly haven’t gone back to them at all for anything. What I could say is that for the best sound from any of your smart devices, you won’t want to use any other set. I would keep you posted on what developments come out of Monster for the holidays. I don’t think that this company will disappoint this holiday season. From my personal use of these headphones I haven’t been able to take these off my head that’s how great these are.

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