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Hi my gamer-friends. I can play Far Cry 4 earlier so I can show you how the game is. You’re playing as Ajay Ghale and your mother’s last wish is to go to Lakshmana. Unfortunately, Pagan Min captures you and another guy named Darpan, who is a member of the golden path. Pagan takes you both to his palace. When Pagan Min sees Darpan writing a SMS to the golden path, he stabbed him in the back with a fork. Then a friend of Pagan named Paul ‘‘De Pleur‘‘ Harmon tortures him. You get rescued by the golden path and that’s how it all begins.

The gameplay is awesome as you can see in my pictures. The controls are very similar to Far Cry 3 besides the driving which is different now. Players have an autopilot that drives them to their destination, which is very helpful if you have to shoot someone instead. The bad thing is it doesn’t take the fastest route and also sometimes it doesn’t even take you to your exact destination. The map is bigger in Far Cry 4 than in Far Cry 3 so you have a lot to explore and collect, like the diary of your father, lost letters, propaganda posters, and many other things. The radio towers and camps are here as well. Now you even have a Karma level and not just the usual experience level. With Karma, you can get support from your people if you’re in danger, and it helps to get discounts at shops.

Far Cry 4 RealGamerNewz

The animals are not the same as in Far Cry 3. Now the game has rhinos. They’re very dangerous, and if you go near them they hit you with what seems to always be a one hit kill. There are no sharks anymore but Far Cry 4 has tigerfish instead and besides that, it has eagles too. You can hunt every animal and you can use the fur and the meat from them to produce weapon belts like in the previous game.

The graphics are amazing in Far Cry 4 but the animations could be better in some points of view, for example the bushes don’t move the way they should. The missions are different to the ones in Far Cry 3. Instead of the Rakyat-challenges, this game is going to take to the arena where players will have to prove being a tough fighter. A special feature is that you can finish the game within 15 minutes. All you have to do is wait 10 minutes right after the intro and you’ll unlock an alternative ending.

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Battles of Kyrat Trailer of Far Cry 4:

Genre(s): First-person shooter, action-adventure
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date (NA): November 18th, 2014

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