LittleBigPlanet 3 Review


It doesn’t come as a surprise to me when I say Little Big Planet is back and better than ever. I mean, with 3 new characters, completely new story, new customization, and the ability to play all of the player created maps from the original? Yeah, Little Big Planet is back and it’s better than ever. If you have loved the previous installments, as I have, then there really isn’t a reason for you to not buy Little Big Planet 3. The game offers new characters, new styles of play, and new ways to enjoy your time. Little Big Planet 3 is the best game in the installment for many reasons, but it’s also the biggest one as well.


The graphics may not feel like a huge difference than Little Big Planet 2, but there is as the game has a much more crisp feel. Not only that, but Little Big Planet 3 runs in full 1080p on the PS4. While the game may not win any awards for it’s graphics, they are beautiful in their own way. While the PS4 runs in 1080p, the PS3 version is scaled to 720p. While the graphics aren’t anything revolutionary, the game does remain quite pleasing visually. Overall it feels and looks very crisp as a whole. The small details are back and naturally they are better than ever. The levels are beautifully crafted and offer some very great variety between them. It’s actually interesting to see the levels designed for the new characters you get as well, because they look nothing like anything you’ve seen.


The 3 new characters we have bring out the variety of levels and also shift your gameplay up drastically. We have Oddsock, the adorable sock dog thing, who can somewhat climb up walls, bounce between them, oh, and you can also dress him up like a horse. Then we have Toggle, the man with the plan who can go from big to small. Finally we have Swoop, the bird-like sock who can fly through levels. While these characters may not seem like they have much of an impact, they really do. Not only do they have their own unique customization options, which are awesome btw, they have levels specifically designed for them. There are also levels that seem to have specific areas for them as well. The characters are overall awesome and fit perfectly in to the world. It will be interesting to see how custom levels are designed for them.


Sackboy and friends

The custom levels are also back, in more ways than one though. As the game is backwards compatible and allows you to play EVERY custom level from the previous games. Awesome , right? Well that’s not all for custom levels. As they have actually shifted some things for the levels this time around allowing for more things to be done. For instance, you can now make top down levels. You can also craft trailers for your game as well! It’s interesting additions like these that add to the livelihood of the game, as half the selling point of the game can be considered the community creations. There are millions of these levels and Little Big Planet 3 is surely to spawn millions more. The top down levels also grant you the ability to customize the background, as that’s the majority of your canvas for the top down levels.


One of the game’s many levels

With new characters the customization with your Sock person is back and better than ever. As you aren’t just customizing for 1, it’s for 4 now. The customization is different from every character as well. You have the same style for your regular sock boy, but the new characters seem to have very different styles. Oddsock is easily my favorite, as you can dress him up as some really awesome things. Want to be an alligator, sure, why not? A horse, a robot dog, or whatever else tickles your fancy. It’s just really interesting to see how these pieces will fit on him. The customization for everyone else is just as great, I just didn’t expect Oddsock to be so awesome. The ability to make your Sock person look ridiculous, awesome, or serious is still present and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people.


Final Verdict:

Little Big Planet hasn’t exactly had any major issues with it’s last installment, so it may not come as a surprise when I say this is as good as a game as it’s predecessors. Luckily though, Little Big Planet 3 doesn’t stop at just as good, it soars above it. With it’s new additions to the series and it’s sheer size it has earned that right. With backwards compatibility that adds millions of levels from the start, it’s hard to say that the previous 2 installments had this much to do at the start of their life. With new depth to the level creation, some awesome new characters, improved graphics, and amazing levels, why wouldn’t any fan of the series pick this up? There really isn’t any reason I can see. I saw a few glitches, but according to my press release they will be fixed with the day one patch. Little Big Planet 3 is back and it’s bigger than ever. There’s little to no reason for fans of the series to skip out on this addition.


Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Sumo Digital

Publisher: Sony computer Entertainment

Available Now On: PS4 (Played), PS3

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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