This War of Mine Dev Responds to Piracy in a Surprising and Positive Way


The pirating of video games is something both developers and publishers dread. It results in the loss of potential revenue for both parties; a smaller paycheck for the publishers and an even smaller check for the developers, the ones who put their blood, sweat and tears into making these games. Due to this, it is unsurprising when the companies voice their displeasure, and take anti-piracy measures — sometimes at the expense of paying customers.

What is surprising however, is the anti-piracy measure taken by 11 bit studios, the developer behind the newly released and well received This War of Mine. Instead of getting hostile, or removing a feature from their game in order to point out those who illegally download it, one of the team members Karol, left an unexpected comment on a Pirate Bay post for the plunderers of pixels. You can read it below in this screenshot a use uploaded to

This War of Mine

As you can see, Karol’s positive approach and showing that the studio understands (Free game codes helped), why some feel like they have no choice but to pirate games, resulted in some equally positive replies. One member has apparently given up their life of crime on the internet, while another has purchased the game because the studios “awesome attitude”. A third member seemingly convinced two of his or her friends to purchase the title, after trying it.

The Author’s personal take:

It seems 11 bit studios way of handling pirates may have been a success for them. Other studios should take note and try to find a more positive way of dealing with the piracy situation. If all they do is piss of the pirates, then they’ll just continue to download their games illegally and out of spite. But if they set about it in a more positive light then maybe, a few more will stop, actually buy the games and if they like them, then word of mouth will spread and result in more purchases.

Remember negativity only breads more negativity. It is better to be positive because a little bit goes a long way, as they say.

This War of Mine is out now for PC, Android and iOS. You can read our review, and see why our reviewer Chris, called it “easily one of the best of 2014”.



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