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Rock Zombie Wii U Steam PC RealGamerNewz Review

Imagine an all woman rock band of witches playing and a zombie apocalypse breaks out, and they have to save the day.  That sounds like an awesome kick butt time, right? Rock Zombie is just that an amazing modern arcade-style game that was just recently released by EnjoyUp on the Wii U. The story follows a comic books style in between the levels for the cut scenes which is really fun and cool. The band is a band of witches who love to rock the house, one night they start performing and all of the sudden they find something a miss. Might be the fact that there is a horde of zombies coming at them not crazy rock fans. They notice that there is a mysterious green fog coming from across town. So now they have to battle the zombies to get across town so that they can figure out what is causing people to turn to zombies.

This game is a great example of mixing the old with the new. This game is a great mix of modern 3D design and the classic arcade style side scroller. The player goes through level by level defeating different kinds of zombies moving along beating the crap out of zombies with a guitar and earning magic. As the player stores up the magic they can start to use it, there are different moves that they player can use but they are basically really powerful blasts. Every time you use magic the meter goes down. The player earns magic through finding bottles of it and killing zombies by hand. When killing zombies with the guitar there is basically two motions, either across or down and there is always rolling to evade an attack as well. There are also some levels that are played on a motorcycle and are more of a move and dodge feeling to them as well.

rock zombie realgamernewz review

The controls are nice and simple on the Wii U pad which is nice to keep it simple since there the player only uses the buttons and there is no touch screen actions that are used in the game. There are three characters (band members) to choose from when the player starts the game, each of the rockers has strengths and weaknesses for the gamer to weigh out before setting out to save the city. They have different values on things such as speed, magic, strength etc. There are also different kinds of zombies in the game, regular ones, crawling ones, ones that are on fire, ones that spit acid, dogs, huge spiders, and other kinds and they all attack in different ways at different speeds to keep the player on their toes. While playing there are many things to collect and break open as well that give the player advantages and the ability to open things outside of the actual story-line. While playing some awesome zombie butt kicking rock plays to get the player amped to save the city.

Final Verdict:

This game is a great and addictive game. Playing through all of the levels is great and its got a modern twist on a wonderful classic arcade like game. The game played smoothly on the Wii U and it has a nice option to play either on the TV or on the game pad which is great when the TV is not available for use. For the comic book lovers the fact that the story is in comic form and it is something that can be gone back to, to read is pretty awesome. This game not only can be found on the Nintendo Wii U eShop but also on PC through Steam or iOS for iPad and iPhone. Overall, Rock Zombie finishes off feeling well done and worth another play or two.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Quaternion Studio

Publisher: EnjoyUp

Available On: Wii U | PC (Steam)

Also Available On: iPad | iPhone (via iOS App Store)

Played On: Nintendo Wii U

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