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Far Cry 4 is the fourth numbered installment to the popular FPS series developed by Ubisoft for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Players are put into the shoes of AJay Ghale a man tasked to returning his mother ashes to his homeland Kyrat. When he arrives back home he is thrown back into the middle of a civil war between the Royal Regin lead by Pagan Min and the Golden Path a rebel military group that was founded by his deceased parents. Ajay ( or the player) must decide to become in a soldier in Min’s Army or a continue his parents legacy by fighting with the Golden Path. There is a lot that goes on during the story and players will encounter many characters across the games’ story mode and in the tough mountain region of Kyrat anything goes.

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The controls is similar to what Far Cry veterans expect but really any FPS fan will feel right at home with the layout. The Shoulder Button’s handle the gun play while the face buttons handle covering, healing and re-loading, aim with the left stick and movement with the right. Far Cry 4 players on the PS4 can bring up the weapons wheel using the touch-pad as well as invite players to play co-op to players with or without the game on their friend list by using the controller pad after issuing them a ticket to Kyrat from the menu screen. The combat of FC4 is something to behold as you can use brute force or stealth to take out your enemies as well as use the wildlife to divert or devour them as well. The animals of Kyrat won’t always be on your side and if they feel threatened they can and will take you down if you don’t flee or subdue them. Weapons handle like a dream, and switching between different forms of projectiles may be daunting at first but once players get the rhythm down they will become a force to reckoned with. Min’s forces have hijacked the airwaves spreading propaganda throughout Kyrat and have forced people out of their villages to weed out members of the Golden Path. Ajay is tasked by the rebels to take back these areas to return the them to the people of Kyrat and drive back the Min’s forces to their fortresses. The Fortresses can be liberated as well but will take planning, patience and endurance as they are heavily fortified and will require guns for hire or co-op support to take them down earlier. When the play decides to take down a radio tower, base, a or a fortress these challenges are just as fun if not more than the campaign missions and they will help the player in gaining XP, money, weapons and other essential items.


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Far Cry 4 has a new dual progression system called “The Tiger and The Elephant”. Players can upgrade their offensive abilities on the tiger side and upgrade their health as well as other regenerative abilities on the elephant side by using XP gain while completing missions and task. AJay will have many different activities that he can participate in such as animal and treasure hunting, the battle arena, side missions and more. The more of these activities that you do and complete the more gear, money and xp you can acquire and use throughout your stay in Kyrat. This is also many ways to get around in Kyrat and given the vast and very intricate landscape you will need to use every Truck, ATV, Boat, Land craft and short range helicopter at your disposal. There are also hang gliders scattered throughout the map and players can also purchase a wing-suit for 25 thousand Kyrat dollars if they want to clear vast distances quickly. The only thing that slows down this fantastic game is the traversal system, while it is fun to roam around the land of Kyrat it also a drag due to how large the map is and every player should take down as many outpost as they can so that they may able to fast travel in between locations to speed up their commute to their target destination.

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Far Cry 4’s online sheds a little bit of light on the conflict in Kyrat between the Min’s forces and the Golden Path and then pits players against each other in modes Outpost, Propaganda, Demon Mask all in which two teams are pitted against each other to complete a series of task while taking out the enemy in their way then the second round of the match each squad will switch and they will play as the opposing faction. This brings a freshness to the multi-player suite that isn’t really seen in too many titles and both factions are fully fleshed out with their own load-outs, abilities and upgrades. There is also the Arena mode which you can fight against or with another player to survive wave upon wave of enemies for money and XP or go in alone to gain all the spoils of your battles. Far Cry 4 also contains a robust map editor for players to create their own multi-player maps to play through with their friends as well as the entire Far Cry community.

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Far Cry 4 brings back everything that fans of the franchise know and love, improves it and then takes things to a whole new ambitious level. The beautiful yet dangerous land of Kyrat coupled with some of the most deadliest enemies every to be in a video game, crazy gunplay, and high speed treks through sea, land, and air FC4 Is not a game to be missed nor ignored. The games campaign players see the events unfold around them just as AJay does, every surprise, revelation, close call and triumph can be experienced alone or with a friend. The Online keeps in pace with the single player campaign and can even help you out with it in some ways, is not to be skipped either and will keep players and their friends locked in for hours. Far Cry 4 is not only one the best FPS shooters of the year its should be considered one of the best game of this year and this new generation of gaming.

Final Verdict

Far Cry 4 brings an incredible campaign and co-op experience that gamers have never experienced before, while the multi-player breaths new life into the online competitive multi-player space.

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Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: PS4 | PS3 | 360 | XO | PC

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

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