Expecting Bethesda to Make an Announment in This December’s VGX Awards? Well Don’t Expect too Much.


As most gamers know and or already guessed, fallout is probably (in my opinion) one of the best RPG open world games of all time (not counting Skyrim), with its own unique story, freedom, background, characters, weapons, etc.. But unfortunately our most recent Fallout game was Fallout New Vegas and that was almost 6 years ago (sorry if that’s a year or two off). Although it is a really great game, it can only survive a replay every couple of times before people get tired of having to either kill Mr. House with his own 9 iron or even show Caesar how to fly around with a spear in his throat. Games get boring and unfortunately this late installment has gotten their. I still enjoy it from time to time but as a gamer I look forward to the next installment just like the rest of you. But where is it? Where is Fallout 4? Expecting me to say the announcement will be at the VGX awards? Well sorry, but unfortunately there is no evidence (even with the rumors) that Bethesda is going to talk about or even announce our next Fallout addiction.. I mean game.. Fallout game… yeah that’s what I meant.

Fallout funny dice guy

But what does it mean and when will Bethesda announce our next adventure? Unfortunately nobody knows. But some do have a bit of an idea on why they are waiting. And my personal theory is that they are getting used to the new consoles, finally being able to give Xbox and PS players a chance at some better graphics isn’t a one month process. Since the tech is new they will have to familiarize themselves with it, it shouldn’t be to bad but it could be Bethesda moving at their own pace. and all I have to say is, DON’T RUSH THEM. As we all know Fallout games tend to be buggy, even after patch after patch. And all in all, we don’t want to rush them, that will lead to them announcing an earlier date than they wanted, and in turn mad gamers who are pissed they can’t get out of whatever area they start in. All in all I say be patient gamers, an announcement will be here soon and you can bet your sweet tooty fruity mc. booties I am going to post it right here on RGN.

Fallout 4 Map

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