Fact Or Fiction? Nintendo Factory Sealed Defect Samus Amiibo (Dual Cannons)

Samus Amiibo RealGamerNewz Dual Cannons

There’s an eBay listing going for over a grand with 77 bids at the time of this post for what is being called a Nintendo Factory Sealed Defect Samus Amiibo (Dual Cannons). Take a look at the listing for yourself.

The seller is jetfour of eBay Community residing in Louisville, Colorado, United States. The user appears to have 100% positive feedback, but is not a very active eBay user at all.

Skeptics point to the shoulder placement. Many we’ve shown this to even claim that this item has been moved just to fit the arm in the package. It’s alleged that this Amiibo pack has been carefully opened & carefully resealed.

If indeed a hoax, whoever buys this item has been scammed and the item will definitely be worth less than the original price, other than as a novelty to other gamers who could just easily re-create the same effect themselves at home for cheap.

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