Americana Dawn – Kickstarter Reveal

Americana Dawn

Americana Dawn is a recent kickstarter game that is going to attract a lot of attention since its a classic JRPG set in Colonial America. Americana Dawn is a Suikoden game that has elements from great titles like Fire Emblem, Grandia, Chrono Trigger and also have the writings of the classic Mark Twain. Americana Dawn take place over two centuries of American history where the player will get to journey across three wars which include: the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution. They will travel the entire eastern seaboard of North America from the colony of Georgia to Quebec City. Players are taking the role of Foster who is a spirit of the sea, he is a gentle and innocent being when he arrives in America with no heritage and no home he gets lost in the wilderness of the Shenandoah Valley which is between Virginia and West Virginia where is has been by himself for one hundred years. Foster is found and recruited into the Virginia colonial militia by Colonel George Washington. The player will begin their journey as Foster where he will get to see how the world can change a man with loyal English becoming American rebels, he will have to fight friends who have turned to the enemy, he will also witness events that would create the United States of America.


The combat systems found in Americana Dawn are turn-based there are several different types of combat as well. Microbattles are a much smaller combat system where players take control of up to three characters. The combat system is based on utilizing cool downs instead of using ability points, this will force players to strategize their own approach to each battle. Enemies in-game have huge blows that can knock a character out of battle in just a few hits so the game uses DIS (Dynamic Interrupt System) to keep enemies fair, using this and using powerful timed abilities to emerge to victory in battle. Each main character in the game has different weapon types each with their own strength in battle, each weapon has 15 levels to master per item. The game’s progression is based upon skill acquisition unlike other games in this genre there will be no: EXP, no random battles, or statistical improvements offered. In addition to microbattles the game also offered macrobatttles which are large-scale battles that are based on historical battles. Players will control historical figured and large number of units that include: cavalry, infantry, brave, ranger, rifleman, and sapper. The music for Americana Dawn is a custom engine that has been inspired by the sound of classic Super Nintendo RPG’s, the sound is lower resolution instruments which is found in the first part of the game where the user will reflect Foster and how innocent and naive he is. Another part of the game the Super Nintendo instruments will evolve into a very rich high quality soundscape as Foster is understanding the world around him.

Americana Dawn can he funded up to Tuesday December 23, 2014 at 1:59AM CST, they are looking to gain a pledge goal of $70,000. Of course with Kickstarter there are several different tiers to donating to a game of this magnitude the all have different rewards. To get a copy of Americana Dawn they are asking for a pledge of $15 and this will get you a copy of the game for PC and Wallpapers and Icons, as the tiers go from $1 dollar to $5,000 there are many different tiers for donating and everyone can find something they are looking for and the rewards are placed all across the board.


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