New Games Tuesday: What To Buy, What Not To Buy


Now that all the madness has settled from the quality video game sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We can get back to reality and the lack of games set to release over the next couple of months. So, let’s get started with the month of December and our first ever edition of New Games Tuesday.

There are a couple of games set to release today and those are Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series, as well as The Crew from Ubisoft. Before you take off racing to the stores to buy the crew, let us tell you why you shouldn’t waste your $60 or the gas money to go anywhere. And why you should perhaps just spend the $5 to download Game of Thrones.

The Crew Never Drive Alone



The Crew is a new open world MMO racing title from Ubisoft releasing today. And yet again, much like what Ubisoft did with Assassin’s Creed Unity, they are not allowing game press outlets to release any sort of review on the game. Here’s a quote from Ubisoft’s blog as to why they didn’t do early review releases, “The Crew was built from the beginning to be a living playground full of driving fans, so it’s only possible to assess our game in its entirety with other real players in the world. And by other, we mean thousands and thousands and thousands of players – something that can’t be simulated with a handful of devs playing alongside the press. For this very reason, The Crew will be available to media to begin their reviews when the game launches on December 2. There will be absolutely no embargo on any type of coverage once the game is available for sale.”



Are you kidding me with these bogus excuses? Does this surprise you? For me personally, I’m not shocked. After Assassin’s Creed Unity took a leap of faith with gamers and completely missed the wagon of straw, it shouldn’t surprise you either. They are hiding behind a poorly made title yet again and hoping that gamers will just support a new IP. Oh it’s an open world game it takes time to fully give a quality review, blah, blah, blah. Give me a break already. They didn’t want early reviews for AC Unity to drop because it was crap, so what makes you think The Crew will be any different?

In this giant open world racer which requires an online connection to play. The Crew supposedly allows players to drive cross country in approximately an hour with minimal load screens taking up your time. To top of this hideous open world racing game, there’s an 8 person multiplayer, and a roughly 20 hour long campaign. Sound like something you’re interested in? I thought so too until I played the beta for the game and decided it was a waste of time.


The controls are shotty, the graphics look like something a kindergartener drew up during arts and crafts time, and the car selection is quite limited. As I spent a couple hours driving around looking for a reason to like this game, I just couldn’t. The drifting in this game is awful, I get that it’s more of an arcade racer rather than a racing sim like Forza Horizon 2, but come on. I drove the Camaro and Mustang both, let me just say trying to drift in anything was like trying to turn a wide load semi at 100mph. It just wasn’t happening.


Now let’s change the subject to something that is worth your time and that’s the Game of Thrones Episode One: Iron From Ice. I just received my review code for the game today, which releases tomorrow on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 SCEE, while the PC/Mac and PS4 SCEA versions all released today. I have yet to play it but, I can already tell you that it’s well worth the $4.99 to get the first episode. Why is that you ask? Well number 1, it’s made by Telltale and with their previous history of games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and most recently Tales From The Borderlands (which you can see our very own review for by clicking here) making it hard to discard this game.


Not to mention it follows one of the hottest shows on HBO in the Game of Thrones. The setting for this series takes place during The War of the Five Kings and tells the story of House Forrester. This episode is going to take you roughly 2 hours to complete and is recommended to be done all in one sitting if possible. While, no prior knowledge of Game of Thrones is needed, it’s definitely good to have some if possible so you are familiar with the characters and prior storyline.

Game of Thrones Video Game Xbox One PS4

It’s very easy to assume that this game is going to be quite satisfying and will look beautiful. I am looking forward to spending my time with this game, rather than wasting it on The Crew. Be sure that you’re making the right decision on this fine Tuesday and buying the best game!


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