Lizard Squad at it Again? But are They Really a Threat???


Yep, unfortunately Lizard Squad is at it again. Recently PSN Servers have been attacked, and from the symptoms of the PSN servers it is another DDos attack (Uncomfirmed),but the PSN is down in many areas of the world. Now Lizard Squad as been annoying since day one. All they do is make threats, go knocking down servers, pissing us off, pretty much taking our fun from video games. Why? Who knows. Are they a threat? Well if it is another DDoS attack then no. Now I bet your wondering how that isn’t a threat. Well let me bring a little info your way gamers, especially for those of you who have no clue what DDoS even means, hell my friend Roku thought he did but he was wrong and so was I. A DDoS attack or in laymen terms (or however you spell that lol) is a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack. And what it means in computing terms is a means of making machine or network resource unavailable to the intended Consumers/Users. A DDoS attack is more than Usually carried out by more than one person A.K.A Lizard Squad.

Now what it does is targets a host primarily of a server otherwise known as PSN and sends a massive amount of data to it in order to overflow it due to all the data trying to be processed. It is one of many ways of a DDoS attack, but from the looks of it, it is the easiest because even Lizard Squad can do it. But is it truly hacking? Is sending a whole bunch of date to a server really dangerous? Well for the server yes, it can over heat, crash, or even shut down. But other than that, it’s just a finicky little exploit, a glitch some may say.


I mean we can all technically do what these Lizards can. I mean we do everyday, between sending emails, uploading a video, or downright just playing a game. No these guys are not special. They aren’t making a difference, they are just annoying. Awhile ago we heard that a popular Hacker known as Anonymous revealed Lizard Squads info. Unfortunately I don’t know if it is true but Anon seems to be doing more in this world then them. And in all honesty, I see Anon as more of a Hacker and a Saint than these Lizzy Fools because from the looks of it, he/she can do way more in terms of hacking, and being legit in terms of taking the fake ones down. So I do have my fingers crossed that Anon can bring these fools down and cut off there tails for good, because all in all, i’m sick of hearing about Lizard Squad. And don;t forget to leave your two cents down below. Do you think Lizard Squad is an elite hacking group? or just a bunch of children who got torn up is some Call of Duty?


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