The Boycott Gamer – Destiny Review!


About 2 years ago Bungie announced a game that would blow us all away, a game that at this moment, is a sight to behold, that’s right, I’m talking about Destiny. The insane shooter that took all gamers by storm from the announcement date all the way up to the release date and is still being massively talked about in the thousands.

Destiny is a 1st Person Shared-World shooter with RPG and Dynamic Elements sprinkled around throughout the game. Now I have put about 100 hours into Destiny, and so far I have seen the ups and the downs of this game. Destiny puts you in the boots of a guardian, your guardian, who you get to personally customize a bit and take into battle. Your goals: Save the traveler, push back the darkness, protect the earth, and Hoard all the legendary items you possibly can.

Now lets start with the good and the bad. Now Destiny is all about the progression of your character, especially after the story. Once you reach Destiny’s soft level cap of 20 you can still keep progressing past it into whats known to the game as “Light Levels”. Now this system itself is pretty unique due to the fact you need armor with light on it in order to continue level progression. The downside of this fact though is the drop rate. Legendary armor is a rarity in itself, BUT, it can easily be purchased as long as you have the patience needed to wait week after week to purchase the armor. The other way to obtain armor is through Item Drops, in which enemies drop a random set of items in terms of rarity. White for common, green for uncommon, blue for rare, purple for legendary, and yellow/gold for exotic.

Now a legendary drop (also known as thee purple engram) is extremely rare and also has the chance to give you a yellow/gold engram, and the downside of this fact is that since people don’t have the patience to wait for the crucible marks to reset every week, gamers do like everyone else does, they frantically try to farm constantly and redo missions in order to achieve these legendary items in order to level up their light level. Now this has some gamers angry due to the fact they think it’s all about farming.


Now Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor isn’t the only thing Destiny has going for it, which is good news for Bungie because to be frank, farming gets boring and a lot of gamers get bored sitting in one spot taking out enemies. But dont be intimidated by that fact, because the good part is Destiny has 4 other fun game/mission modes you can immerse yourself in that are actually quite fun and enjoyable, well, 3 that are pretty enjoyable, the last one is a bit of a doozy and I will talk about it.. well… last of course ^.^ Lets start with the first one and probably my favorite one: Strikes. Strikes are in game missions that vary depending on the planet you are on and can usually can take up to an hour to complete as long as you have a decent fireteam in your wake. Strikes have you facing a pretty fair amount of enemies in order to achieve your goal: The destruction of the Boss and/or Bosses, and the success of your mission to destroy the darkness. Strikes in my opinion are fun because it requires you to play with either 2 other random people to test your mettle with, or 2 other buddies who you can coordinate with. Strikes are not too intensive but they require a bit of skill to complete, especially if your doing a heroic one.

Next up: Bounties. I consider these missions/game modes due to the fact some require you to either do strikes, missions, or even the crucible, and upon completion give you a hefty amount of experience and reputation with factions. Bounties are pretty simple depending on the bounty being taken. Once more, there are a higher tier of bounty called “Exotic Weapon Bounties“that are sure to test your mettle. The rewards for these bounties? Well it says in the title, you get an exotic weapon. This makes the game last more due to the fact these exotic bounties are extremely difficult to complete and require more time to finish. I have already got 2 of these bounties and I’m not even halfway done with them. Tedious yes, worth it, definitely. Next up let us talk about the Crucible. A game mode(s) where you, and 5 others take on 6 other guardians in 6v6, or 3v3 PvP. Now this game mode is fun because you can take your guardian from fighting fallen and desecrating hive, straight to PvP to go wreck some players in some control or TDM (Team Death-match)


The Downside to the crucible though is the rate at which you get an item after the match. I do great in the crucible and have gotten in 1st place countless times, more than half the time the person in last is the one who gets the legendary engram or rare item engram. It may keep me entertained, but if that keeps up i may just stick with strikes. Now last but not least. The game mode that is an extreme doozy in my eyes…. Raids. Raids are probably the hardest most insanely difficult part of the game. Extremely long, time consuming and very exhausting, but in the end worth it for the items. Raids may consist of 3 to 6 players whom you must invite, or be friends with on Xbox Live or PSN (PlayStation Network), and also be the correct level in order to play. I consider them a doozy due to the fact that these raids, take up more than 10 hours to complete. Now don’t panic.

Bungie wouldn’t make you go through all that in one sitting, no, in a Raid as long as the Host returns to orbit correctly, the whole team can resume up to the part where the Host left. Which gives gamers the chance to take a break, relax, and go do another game mode in order to unwind or get a better weapon in order to get past a certain part of the raid. Raids in my opinion, may not be my favorite, but are a great addition to a great game. Now at the moment there is only one raid available in Destiny, “The Vault of Glass”. But later on more raids will be added so more gamers can try their mettle at them. And hopefully by then a level cap increase will be added to the game so we can face more difficult opponents.

Final Verdict:

To sum it up in a more personal opinion, I love Destiny and would definitely recommend this to my friends who don’t already own it, The graphics and game play are amazing, the upgrades to your skills and modifications on your weapons definitely add playability to this title, and the different features and modes in this game are so varied its crazy. There may be the downsides of farming, and the crucible, but the other features of this game make it worth the purchase and the hours spent playing this game.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 8.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Available On: PS3| PS4| Xbox 360| Xbox One| PC Release dates in early 2015

Played On: Xbox 360

Revew copy info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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