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On September 9, 2014 Activision and Bungie’s Destiny was released and millions of players have been waging war against the darkness ever since. BradyGames also released their official strategy guide alongside the game. Is it a guide worthy of the game? Should new Destiny players or those having trouble, purchase it? Read on to find out.

Field Manual: This section offers some pretty in-depth information on Destiny’s gameplay mechanics; from armor statistics and vehicles to the game’s leveling system works as well as the its three unique character classes. The field manual’s got you covered. Speaking of the Warlock, Titan and Hunter classes, the guide seemingly covers everything on them.

Each classes’ grenade types, subclass and numerous abilities are explained with intricate detail, complete with tips and strategies for PVE and PVP gaming sessions. Want to know which of you Hunter’s abilities are better suited for competitive play? Then the FM is the section you definitely want to check out.

The Missions: There are a ton of missions in Destiny and this hefty portion of the guide covers them all to a great degree, albeit not a perfect one. Every public event (Post launch), strike, patrols and story missions are expertly covered, with info on which enemies you face, how many, their weakpoints and effective strategies to take them down. In short you get a complete and accurate walkthrough of every mission. Where this section of the guide drops the ball however, is in its attempt to help players find Destiny’s many collectibles.

Note* The Vault of Glass Raid — which was released a week after the game, is briefly mentioned and doesn’t the guide doesn’t feature a walkthrough for it. It makes sense, I have no issue with that, just a heads up for those who get the game later and are interested in the guide.


One of the game’s strike missions.

Destiny features many items to collect scattered throughout the 5 locations within the game. There are two types; gold chests and dead ghosts. The descriptions on where to find the gold chests are well written and accurate but while there are 5 chests per planet (20 in total), only one or two include screenshots of their actual locations. Each planet features multiple sections players will travel to while playing and the guide features small slightly detailed maps that are presented in a top down view. Some the maps highlight the chest locations, but once it in a top down view which may make it annoying for some looking for a more detailed picture. Combine it with the fact that the maps are on separate pages, then players will be required to flip between multiple pages to check them and read the descriptions making it somewhat of a chore.

While the gold chests are highlighted on some of the maps and are given accurate descriptions, the dead ghosts aren’t. Instead readers are given hints of the ghosts’ locations. Yes hints, instead of detailed and accurate descriptions to help “guide” them, they are left with brief clues to go on. Some of them are really easy to figure out but players aren’t looking to solves clues to find collectibles. That’s something you would find in a video game as some sort of puzzle to provide a a sense of challenge. Doing so in a strategy guide is just slowing down the player and they do not want to be challenged while reading a strategy guide. Based on other guides which featured much more detailed info for finding in game collectibles, this is a poor way to handle it. You are better off searching the internet or Youtube. The writers seem a bit out of touch with their audience here.

Codex: Destiny has a variety of enemy combatants players will face off against and the codex features every single one of them. This comprehensive section covers each of their loadouts, behaviors on the battlefield, weakpoints (If they have any) and even offers some helpful tactics to make your time a little easier. There’s also nicely detailed photos of Destiny’s baddies to look at.


Some nasty looking mofos

Armory: The meatiest portion of this strategy guide is the armory section. Learn everything there is to know about the countless in-game gear you can equip your guardian with for battle. Every weapon and armor mod is listed and detailed, providing info. Seemingly every uncommon, rare and legendary weapon is presented in the armory as well as their drop locations throughout the game.

That’s not all, this section gets insane with the amount of weapons and mods statistics it features; from charts covering every weapon types reload speed, range and stability, to inventory ammo count and recoil patterns and that’s not even all of it. It’s a ridiculously impressive amount of content and information but at the same time it can be somewhat daunting to those who aren’t statistics buffs.

Note* The stats for some weapons including the shotgun will change soon once Bungie releases their next patch, making a lot of their info inaccurate.

There’s also a nice gallery for the game’s exotic weapons and armor, though it seems as though the guide doesn’t feature all of the weapons. At least one exotic weapon I know of, isn’t in it.


The Warlock class, looking badass.

Crucible: Destiny’s crucible is the competitive multiplayer component and readers are treated with a very detailed overview of everything they need to know. Kevin Yanes one of Bungie’s PvP designers, offers some pretty sound advice on the different game modes, his favored weapon loadouts and mods/class combinations.

Destiny’s multiplayer includes 10 maps (11 for PS owners) and each one is given a detailed description of their layout, tips on how to effectively use the motion tracker and some smart tactics to help the player and his/her team come out on top. Unfortunately if you were expecting a huge amount of tactics/strategies for each maps, then you are out luck as you only get a few.

The annoying part about the Crucible coverage is in its photos of the maps. Sure there are some on each pages that show small sections of the mapshe pictures of the multiplayer maps are in a top down view with even less detail and color than those for the PvE missions. It is truly baffling that someone thought this was a good idea.


I’m baffled…

Trophies & Achievements: Every trophy and achievement that currently exists for Destiny is here. Just don’t expect any tips on how to get the ‘Flawless Raider’ T/A, the Vault of Glass is mentioned but not covered.

Digital Guide: In the back of the guide, is a free code for a digital copy that needs to be redeemed at Sadly I was hit with an invalid code message when trying to redeem it and upon further inspection across the internet, I learned this issue. Why so many copies were included with invalid codes is beyond me but if you do decide to pick this up and want to use the code, don’t be surprised if you have to contact support for assistance.

Final Verdict – The writers at BradyGames put a lot of effort into this guide, there’s no arguing that. The amount of detail and coverage is impressive, that’s why it’s rather disappointing to see them drop the ball when it comes to collectibles and in-game maps. One of the biggest reasons players use guides is so they can find them with ease, so refusing to put actual descriptions in favor of hints was a bad call.

There’s also a small amount of tactics presented for the game’s multiplayer maps. Add in the fact that this guide will become less and less accurate as the months go by thanks to patches and updated content, makes a little difficult to recommend. Anyone who picks up the game months from now will feel cheated in a way. If you are someone who still loves to purchase physical guides along with their games and care for every single section this one covers, then by all means, go for it. If not then you are better off searching online for those dead ghosts. It’s a good guide but really worth it.

And for those who may be asking, yes you still have to go to Bungie’s website to view the Grimoire.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Guide

Authors: Phillip Marcus and Michael Owen

Contributors: Jason Fox and Will Murray

Publisher: BradyGames

Pages: 400

Covers the game on: PS3 | PS4 | Xbox 360 | Xbox One

Price(s): $24.99 US | $26.99 CAN | £14.99 UK

Available at: Gamestop | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Review copy info: A physical copy was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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