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Anomaly 2 comes from 11 Bit Studios out of Warsaw, Poland their flagship series is of course the Anomaly series. Since Anomaly 2 came out last year it got reviewed originally on PC with a score of 8.7 out of 10. They also came out with Anomaly Defenders where for the first time the campaign was completely playable as the alien race and that was a great perspective. It also received a score of 8.7 out of 10 so there is a lot of great gameplay coming out of this series so should the user except the same level of polish now that’s it’s on the PS4 in full HD?

The year is 2034 A.C. most of the earth has been frozen over and the world population is unknown, machines have returned to earth and have the sole purpose to annihilate the human race. The user will take control of a small squad as they travel across the campaign, they will meet Doctor Zander with the help of his associates the user will have Project Shockwave which is the ultimate weapon against the machines. Anomaly 2 is reverse tower defense where the user is the one attacking. Throughout the course of the campaign the user will be the commander of a squad of six vehicles which all look pretty normal at first but as the user progresses and new strategies have to be taken into account, they will find that each vehicle can morph; such as the Assault Hound morphing into the Hellhound. Each of these transformations can be done by the click of a button and they also can turn the tides of the battle depending on what type of tower they are up against.

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The machines have some great towers up their sleeves as well so don’t count them out. Examples of the machine towers are the Scorcher which has punishing damage but its flaw is that it can only shoot in a straight line, the enforcer which is relatively weak but has shield surrounding it during battle, and the Behemoth which is heavily armored and has shock pulses plus several others.

 Anomaly 2 is playable on four different difficulty levels each of them providing the user with a good amount of challenge. Adapting to the situation is key in Anomaly 2 since scenarios change in game and then its up to the user to use the right kind of unit to survive against the machines. Anomaly 2 runs great on the PS4, the graphics are extremely crisp and beautiful the sound is amazing and is great through surround sound.


The game controls a lot better with the Dualshock 4 with everything taking a basic function with one of the buttons, all of the abilities are controlled with different directions on the d-pad while more of the squad control comes from the face buttons such as triangle, square, x, and circle. The movement is done with the left stick and camera movement with the right stick and this really just feels more natural. There is full multiplayer in the PS4 version of the game just like there was on the PC and from the several times looking for matches it takes a really long time to find a game and can cause the game to lock up your PS4 which happened on two separate occasions.

Anyone looking to pick this game up just for the multiplayer make sure to have another friend get it so that you can find a game, it seems that the multiplayer crowd might not be there yet but give it a few more weeks or a few more months and maybe a sale or something and there will be more copies and more users online.

Final verdict: Anomaly 2 is a great title and a great series there is a lot of game to experience from a long story that is extremely replayable with different difficulty levels and smarter AI. The movement of the game overall feels better with the Dualshock 4 it feels more natural and allows the user to fully submerge themselves in the game. The lack of multiplayer games out there is disappointing for now but it has the potential to get a lot better since the multiplayer is extremely fun and really addicting if user’s like to employ different types of strategy.

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Overall Score: 8.5/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer/Publisher: 11 Bit Studios

Available on: PC | iOS | Google Play | PS4

Played on: PS4

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