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Cruiser HEadset

Video Game headsets, we all have or want them, but what makes for a good gaming headset? How do you decide which one will give you the sound you want, or which one is more comfortable? Well hopefully it will be easier to decide after reading what I have to say about the Xbox 360 GamesterGears Cruiser XB210  Gaming Headset. After testing out the headset I listened to some music and listened to very different kinds of sound among many different video games, and I was very pleased with everything except for how comfortable it was. Now it isn’t the ear pieces that are uncomfortable, no those are actually probably one of the softer ear comforters out there that fit almost perfectly around your ears, it doesn’t agitate the ear nor block any sound.

No,  what I think is a little bothersome is the leather band on top of the headset band, i say that because upon first putting them on i could just feel the leather band just sitting on my head, it felt bothersome in some ways and irritated me a little because it was hard to break the headset in, but the other cool features actually make it worth dealing with a tiny headband issue. Now one of these features that I want to talk about is “Bass Quake”. Bass Quake was actually developed by GamesterGear in order to let players physically experience sound from video games or even sounds from playing music. It is really cool feature, and I was very skeptical about it at first, but after trying them I actually think the “Bass Quake” technology is very effective in doing exactly what it is suppose to, I could hear the sounds more clearly than I could my other headset, and I could feel every rumble and vibration I was meant to feel. It was a pretty realistic experience among many different games.


Some more features of the headset include a detachable and fully Adjustable mic which is very useful if its in the way, or you just want to go silent for a bit. Other features include adjustable band length, microphone monitor which allows you to hear yourself, and a long enough cord where you can sit anywhere in your living room and still experience everything these headsets have offer. Another nice feature is the audio control. Built in to the headset cord is volume control knobs which allows you to control game sound, chat sound, and how high the bass is, which is really helpful if you need to hear your buddies, or drown out their talking with some video game action, and as long as you have the Xbox ONE Headset adapter, you can use these not just on Xbox 360, but on the Xbox ONE as well. Now this headset is $109.99, some would ask if this is worth it to purchase, well compare it to the prices of other headsets that are for Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE and compare them, and all in all I think its worth it to save up for these. It can be used on Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE as well, has it’s own unique “Bass Quake” technology to go with it, and is supported and designed by gamers like you in hopes of creating ideas that suit all gamers needs.

Final Verdict: This headset alone has blown my mind, you can hear your in-game surrounding perfectly and listening to music through these is also a blast. I recommend the Cruiser XB210 gaming headset to anyone who owns or plans on owning a video game headset in the future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Headset

Manufacturer: Syba

Available: Now

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