The Boycott Gamer – May’s Mysteries Secret of Dragonville Review


If you are into puzzle and trivia games then continue reading because may’s mysteries secret of dragonville might just be for you. I honestly didn’t expect much from this game since it was more for kids. But quiet honestly i had a lot of fun. From an adult perspective the story is cheesy and too simple, but that is to be expected cause it is for children. But as an adult, I actually had fun with it! The puzzles were very well laid out, varied and actually quite challenging especially if you don’t stroll through it in casual mode. The puzzles are many and they vary from item finds, to word problems, or even connecting the dots ( and believe me it is actually harder than it sounds) and trust me, theirs many more puzzles than that to solve some more difficult than others.

Now to unlock new puzzles you will have to play through the story mode and finish the puzzles you are given by the characters you meet. Now some of the characters themselves are kind of hilarious, but others are pretty serious when it comes to may interrupting them. But if you help them by solving the problems they have they will help you progress farther in return. I definitely enjoyed this game but I did experience my own faults within the game. Some of the puzzles were say, a little more than easy to understand, even for a child. I finally got them after using a hint or two, but the way some were worded made it a little difficult to comprehend what i was suppose to do, maybe I was over thinking it, but it’s how I felt about some of the puzzles, especially the ones involving numbers.

Mays Mysterys

I can’t complain too much though, they do give you the option to skip which is very useful especially if you get stuck on a particular puzzle or if you just want to move on, although it will eat up the hint points you have, it will definitely save some time over sitting there staring at the problem waiting for it to solve itself. But if you do manage to sit there trying to solve the puzzle or try to find all the items in one of the hidden picture puzzles, be prepared to listen to the same mellow music play over and over. At first i didn’t mind the music too much, I actually kind of liked it, but it got a little irritating after trying to focus on finding the hidden items. The music though wasn’t a huge problem for me, a simple turn down on the volume control and some tunes fixed it right up.

Final Verdict: Overall this game was definitely something different and actually very entertaining to say the least, there were different areas to explore and definitely some very unique and colorful characters to meet in the game . The puzzles were a very fun and a difficult challenge to complete, and the more you played the more puzzles you could do, and with more than 200 puzzles to complete I definitely recommend this to those who definitely enjoy a challenge of the mind!

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 Overall Score: 8.5/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Red Wagon Games

Publishers: Mastertronic, Big Fish Games

Available on: PC | Nintendo DS

Played on: PC

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