Hyped games blinding gamers?

Image Credit to Kuhvet.com
Image Credit to Kuhvet.com

There are so many great games that have released and are set to release this year on both PS4 and Xbox ONE but as new IPs emerge from underneath older IPs some of these games slip into the back of the gamer’s minds by the time they are set to release. Game franchise IPs such as COD are currently overshadowing a game that, in my opinion, looks fantastic and that is Sunset Overdrive. The current game set to release in the COD franchise “Advanced Warfare” has taken away a majority of the excitement that people should be getting for Sunset Overdrive, the Xbox ONE exclusive. Is Sunset Overdrive going to be an exceptional game? Only time will tell.

For now, check out our Reviewer’s thoughts here or our new Sunset Overdrive 1080P Gameplay Playlist. However, the lack of attention and marketing that it has received thus far is ridiculous. This game is set to release tomorrow October, 28th and maybe a handful of commercials have been aired. Has this game been overshadowed and overlooked?

We always hear about the COD’s, Assassin’s Creeds, NBA 2K’s, or Madden’s. But, what about the games that have quietly released and turned out to be fantastic? Games such as Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Rayman Legends came out with little hype and were well overshadowed by the likes of the next gen ports and familiar IPs. It’s a constant battle for new games to make a name for themselves or a place in a gamer’s collection when they are being shutout.

Another game that received a bunch of hype from the time of its announcement, and overshadowed a great game in the same month it was released, was Destiny. Much like most gamers, I was very excited to see what this game had to offer. Waiting for over a year, watching gameplay trailers, playing both the alpha and the beta, I loved all the hype.

The overhype helped Destiny reach an amazing sales feat only to have a mediocre reception from gamers. Although, it’s a new IP, Destiny was much more anticipated than another new IP, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. And although Destiny did sell exceptionally well, it eventually showed its true colors that it was a simple shooter with repetitive and bland missions. Shadow of Mordor, while drawing comparisons to Assassin’s Creed and Batman, was a new refreshing take on the action genre. While, its story too was a bit lacking it has become a very well-liked and talked about game.

Overall, it seems that familiar IPs are getting much more talk and hype than any of the new IPs. Why is that? Why aren’t developers pushing these new IPs? It’s a question that lingers in the mind of many hardcore gamers alike. It’s a question that will continue to wreak havoc on the gaming industry and unfortunately, lead to gamers missing out on those hidden gems.

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