Martine Rothblatt – The Highest Payed Female CEO Taking Steps in the Right Direction


Immortality, Perfection, AI,  and Peace.  All these represent a future in which we would love to live in.  A place where we can live on forever in a world of perfection with Artificial Intelligence helping us make our every move toward the future. Martine Rothblatt has a dream similar to this.  A future where cyber-consciousness will be a reality, and Digital Immortality will make its mark. Are we really getting close to this era? Rothblatt seems to think so, in fact she is so confident in it she wrote a book called “VIRTUALLY HUMAN: The Promise—and the Peril—of Digital Immortality”.  I won’t spoil anything but the book is pretty revolutionary and it hits right on the mark with a peaceful transition into the future. For me, im actually excited to see what the future holds, but it will be anything but perfect, because even after we get to where we wanna be, we will still be trying just as hard to keep moving forward, to keep pushing the boundary till there’s nothing left to push. But for now i suggest checking out Rothblatt’s new book and taking a look at once she has to say, its pretty futuristicly revolutionary.


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