DDos Attackers Caught and Exposed


As we all know our peaceful gaming universe was slowed to a crawl thanks to the DDos attacks of the supposed Lizard Squad.  It all started around August 23rd with the attack of the PlayStation Network which slowly moved up to more and more multiplayer gaming networks. The most recent being Xbox Live (A.k.A Microsoft’s Network). Recently though there has been hint that these pesky Lizards have finally lost their tails, and their secrecy.  Thanks to someone who calls themselves Activist Revolution, the Lizards may have just been caught sooner then they would have liked to be, with many posts from Activist stating that the FBI has caught the Lizard Squad, and many more stating that he is watching them and recording their IP, and also stating he is closer than they think.  I just hope all this is true and I can get back to gaming without having to worry about a keyhole hacker getting in my way. For a more in depth look, check out Activist Revolution on Twitter for all his/her posts about the Lizard Squad, and don’t forget to comment on what you think of these DDos attacks.

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