Metro Redux Review


Metro Redux is developed by 4A games so they have already done this series once so its nothing new to them just adding some great features to this amazing series. Deep Silver is the publisher of Metro Redux and they are also best known for other games such as Sacred series, Risen series, and of course the Saints Row games. Metro Redux is running on a completely new engine giving new light to both games as they are running at 1080P and running at 60 frames per second due to the better hardware on the PS4 and Xbox One and it also has the ability to run at 4K resolution on high end gaming PC’s.

A bit of back-story is nice for both of the games in Metro 2033 the user takes the role of Artyom who was born before the nuclear war hit Russia in 2013. He describes his journey’s as he leaves his home station of Exhibition, after he meets up with Hunter who is a ranger he finds that he needs to go warn a man named Miller at Polis Station that a new wave of mutants called the Dark One’s are coming. One his journey he will go through very dangerous parts of the metro as well as make it to the surface and battle all kinds of dangerous creatures, besides the monsters Artyom will also face waves of Communist and Nazi soldiers. Other allies will be made and more will be uncovered in the dangerous metro.

For Metro Last Light the story picks up one year after the events of Metro 2033 where Artyom called down a missile strike on the Dark one’s. The rangers from the previous game are occupying the D6 military base and Artyom is a member of their group. From the start of the game Khan arrives as the D6 to inform the rangers and Artyom that a since Dark One has survived the missile strike. Now there are two sides to this Khan is a believer that the Dark One is the key to the future of humanity and Colonel Miller wants Artyom to kill the creature due to it potential as a threat. Artyom will not go at this alone as he is accompanied by Miller’s daughter who is also the best sniper of the rangers. Artyom will find the Dark one and finds its just a child and from there is captured by the Nazi’s and from there his adventure continues as he will go through the Red Line settlement as well as connecting to the Dark One as no one else has before him.


Gameplay for Metro Redux has changed a little since the original release of both games the engine is brand new and it really shows especially in Metro 2033 with adding new elements that weren’t previously in the game such as mask wiping, weapon customization, levels are more streamlined so that there are less loading screens and this is probably one of the best features they put into the game, because the loads screens before you literally put a user to sleep. Metro Redux comes in two play styles Spartan and Survival, Spartan gameplay is a bit faster gameplay with less stealth elements the play style resembles the play style originally in Metro Last Light. Survival style is the way that all of the pure players of Metro enjoy with limited ammo and the enemies are a lot harder to kill. In both of the play styles the AI has been improved, as well as the entire lighting. The game feels so more fluid with all of these added touches that and the ability to bring weapons that were only available in the Last Light DLC into the core campaign of Metro Last Light Redux. All of the Last Light DLC is in the Metro Redux pack and it adds about 10 extra hours of gameplay to the package so it makes this game a steal for only 50 dollars. Ranger mode is back for the ultimate in gameplay immersion with only Artyom’s watch for keeping oxygen in order and checking weapons for ammo with no HUD makes Metro Redux even more immersive than any other survival horror game.

Final Verdict – Metro Redux is an amazing package when you get both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light and all of the DLC with a brand new engine, bringing hours of exploring with new places to discover in and outside of the metro. New lighting effects as well as better AI really brings this game up to another level. Being able to choose between which play style either Spartan or Survival will allow any hardcore metro fan to play both games they want to play. Coming from the PC before there is a little bit of confusion on the controller since there really wasn’t much for on screen hints but that is what the menu is for. The graphics are really a huge step up from the last iterations and really make everything a lot better looking and a whole better experience. With all the extra content and the added play-styles in Metro Redux the re-playability of this package is extremely high.

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Overall Score: 9.8 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Available On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

Played On: PlayStation 4 and Windows PC

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