BradyGames Announces The Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible


BradyGames is set to release a guide for Capcom’s update fighting game alongside its retail release next week, as announced in their press release. The ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible’ is being dubbed the “Ultimate reference for the world’s greatest fighting game’ and while the last bit is debatable, it certainly looks like it might live up to the “Ultimate” part.

The Bible will feature new tips and gameplay strategies to help competitive and casual players alike up their game. One of the more interesting tidbits are the inclusion of complete hitboxes for every character within the game, to show the effect of each attack. This is a first for Street Fighter guides outside of Japan, now players worldwide will have a better understanding of them and be able to learn the reach and area attack to hurt their opponents. Tournament veterans have lent their tips and expertise and how to not only establish a game plan, but to secure a victory by carrying it through. All that and more.


Guide Features:

  • Hitboxes and hurtboxes for every move in the game! The screenshots in
    this guide show all of the details that you cannot see in the game!
  • Full frame data for the entire cast! Discover the startup, recovery, and active
    frames for each attack and learn each move’s advantages and disadvantages
    to get the most out of every character.
  • Comprehensive character strategy! Detailed strengths, weaknesses, and
    strategy for every character at every range.
  • Reliable and situational combos for every character! Learn “bread and
    butter” combos for dependable damage at any stage of a match, coupled with
    combos that take advantage of specific matchups and special situations.

BradyGames 596 page Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible will be available for purchase at select retailers for $24.99, on August 5th. The retail version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on the same day for PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC (Steam) full digital bundle and digital upgrade release on the 8th.

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