Closing Down Pirated Anime Channels Is Cool, But Crunchyroll Still Holds Monopoly and Doesn’t Deserve It

Fuck Crunchyroll

Piracy of Japanese anime and manga costs over 20 billion in losses per year estimated by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry who will put a cease to it all they claim, however , the main issue driving so many people to pirate (in the case of the anime) as outlined by the anime “fan-sub” community in the latest AmA of Crunchyroll executive and co-founder Kun Gao is that the one company Crunchyroll holds a monopoly and is utterly failing to meet the level of quality expected by anime fans. They don’t even spend money on the things that matter to the fans, so if that’s not a violation I don’t know what is.

For example, Crunchyroll is guilty of delivering crappy subtitles with bunk translations, obvious typos, and many other problems including failed timing of subtitles being displayed on-screen at the wrong moments, and more despite pirated channels being able to provide a much higher quality of these same exact shows. It’s also true that they have failed to invest the proper amount of funding into their server solutions causing “official” and “legal” anime watching to be a dreadful experience regardless how good your internet connection is. It should be noted though that their own retelling of Crunchyroll history shows they claim to arguably have began with great intentions and may still indeed have a good intention at heart, this is in stark contrast to the well documented appropriation (stealing) of fan-subs to boost and kick off their business as well as appropriations of many fan pages on social media networks online containing millions of followers amassed originally by real fans, not Crunchyroll.

Hopefully these recent actions to destroy all bootlegs, fan-subs, and streaming outlets will also come with an understanding of how the problem got so bad in the first place and rights owners take action to demand better quality versions of their content made available through official channels like Crunchyroll, i wouldn’t bet on it though.

As for the case of manga, I’m really not sure what that’s all about but I suspect there is no actual excuse for it and it’s probably just another one of those situations where people don’t pay the artist their dues because physical content is so easy to bootleg digitally and even more convenient than actually buying it. If that’s the case, then it’s quite shameful indeed and these people should instead want to support the artists making their favorite works. However, there may be other circumstances we don’t know about driving them to do this such as the ones i’ve outlined above in the anime situation.

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