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Hitman Go is a strategy/puzzle game set in the Hitman Universe from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. The game takes our favorite anti-hero Agent 47 and places him into levels that are board games with each level being inspired by a mission from the main Hitman series. The game’s introductory levels show you the ropes to Hitman Go’s control scheme and game mechanics. The player must guide Agent 47 from the beginning of the each game board to the end all the while dodging guards and other enemies who when they see him will end the game.

The game is very easy at first but ramps up in difficulty and challenge as you will have to dodge multiple guards, use objects in the game world to distract or avoid them all the while watching the number of moves you us as well as obtain briefcases which will help you unlock more levels. When the player ends each level they are rewarded with coins that are engraved with the Agent 47’s seal. The more the player earns the more boards they can unlock. The only thing that may aggravate some players is that when they do finally unlock all of the levels in the game there are DLC game boards to purchase and the game is already $4.99 on the iOS and Google Play Store.

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The smooth touch screen controls will keep the player in control of the Hitman’s movements on the board with no lag or accidental movements as your screen is locked during play. When the players find items they can use on the board to distract enemies they will prompted to use the item immediately within a certain area before making his next move. There are even areas on the board that will allow the Hitman to change his outfit to blend in with the characters on the board, transport himself across the board via a trapdoor and other signature movements from the series to spice up the game play.

Enemies will have different patrol routes in which they move and some will stay on their post. The player must make sure he does not move into the enemies’ line of sight or the player will lose the level. The game gives players enough challenge and will keep them playing to use less moves and complete the challenges to keep unlocking the levels in each game board. Hitman Go is very fun to play in short burst or long playthroughs and it’s very addictive; gamers may clear an entire board before realizing hours have flown by in the process.

There are puzzle and strategy games out there that will show you how to clear their levels/stages, or in some cases even do it for you and Hitman Go isn’t one of those and doesn’t. Hitman Go requires the player to think on their feet to advance to the next level. The omission of those hint type features makes Hitman Go stand out because it believes in its player and doesn’t want to hold their hand to beat any of the levels in the game, which is a bold move by the team at Eidos Montreal.

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The graphics in Hitman Go are very clean yet sleek, gamers will feel the entire scope of Agent 47’s world all around them in each game board. The music and sound effects add an atmospheric effect to the puzzle action and will even hype players up at certain moments while clearing a board. The simplicity in the character and level design makes each level feel like part of a bigger, overarching world as they are in Hitman proper. If you are looking for a puzzle title that is great to play and embodies everything about Hitman this is the game for you. Hitman Go also has maintained if not surpassed the quality of the version of the game that we here at RGN demoed at Pax East this past April and truly lives up to the Hitman Legacy.  The game is polished and one of the best mobile games that have came out this year and is truly worth its price tag.

Final Verdict

Hitman Go is one of the best puzzle games that has ever been released and that is saying something coming from a licensed game. This title takes everything fans loved about the Hitman series and has fully translated it into a fresh and riveting experience from start to finish. The only strike against this game is the fact that there are in-app purchases for more game boards, but at the same time players still get a full gaming experience when they initially purchase the game for $5. Hitman Go is still a stellar title; a truly great game for puzzle fans and fans of the Hitman series alike.

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Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

RGN Rating : Gold Game

Developer Edios Montreal

Publisher: Square Enix

Available On: IOS | Android

Played On: Android

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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