RGN Analysis: New Report Surfaces Proving Female Game Devs Still Get Paid Less

RGN Analysis

Today’s newest report on the salary gap between male and female game developers has shed light on just how serious the problem of gender equality in the workplace is, and it isn’t getting any better. From 2012 to today 2% less equality can be seen across the board (and that’s just when we talk about the video games industry, the rest of the world’s salary gap is a lot worse). In 2012 programming and engineering though we were seeing hope, as women made more on average in this field than men. But in 2013 males made above $90,000 where females were making above $70,000. That’s quite a difference.

During 2013 women only made more than men in one field, Quality Assurance, which saw the average woman making just a couple of grand more than the average male doing the same job. However, every other sector of the game industry sees males doing the arguably the same role making more cash.

Now, let me get one thing straight before I continue reporting on this report. We aren’t trying to say that women need to be making more than men, of course that would not be equality now would it? But instead, what we are saying is that a balance needs to be struck where you see females making the same or more than men just about as often as you see males making the same or more than women.

Every company values their employees differently. The paychecks they give out are an expression of what these companies believe your work is worth. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a situation where women and men are always making the same rate. This isn’t a communist country. But it’s unacceptable to have trends like this where women are pretty much always losing out. It’s simply unfair. We think it’s just as important to remember the notions of this paragraph as it is to remember the stats that follow it, so please take a moment to think before demanding a fascist solution. Humans simply need to be valued more based on their work, not their gender. We know damn well there are a lot of talented females who deserve more, but that doesn’t mean talented men should be punished for their gender either.

Here are the hard numbers for 2013’s salary gap:

  • Programmers / Engineers: $93,977 (male) versus $79,318 (female)
  • Artists / Animators: $76,054 (male) versus $55,909 (female)
  • Game Designers: $74,448 (male) versus $70,000 (female)
  • Producers: $85,151 (male) versus $75,726 (female)
  • Sound Engineers: $98,500 (male) versus $67,500 (female)
  • Quality Assurance: $54,576 (male) versus $56,786 (female)
  • Management: $104,513 (male) versus $90,250 (female)
  • Overall Average: $85,074 (male) versus $72,882 (female)

[Data Source: Gamasutra Salary Survey 2014] [PDF]

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