Square Enix Collective Game ‘World War Machine’ Seeks Crowd-funding w/ Gameplay Trailer

World War Machine

The following gameplay trailer is presented by the development studio behind World War Machine, a new indie game being supported by Square Enix via their new Collective program which searches out indie games that the community would be interested in seeing published through the mainstream spectrum platforms and with the marketing power / product visibility that only a AAA backer like Square Enix can bring.

In this game, mankind has gone extinct and destroyed themselves through their own devilish means. Global warming, planking, Coca Cola parties late throughout the night, or just endless mad science experimentation – take your pick, eventually one of them is going to get us if that Zombie Apocalypse everyone’s always talking about doesn’t get us first.

World War Machine presents gameplay elements, seen in the footage of a prototype version below, which combine open world exploration, survival, and rapid / seizure-inducing visuals that only the shoot-em-up genre could produce. RPG elements and post-apocalyptic art direction are also being credited as a huge factor in the planned final product’s experience. Take a look at the title below and consider donating to the completion of this work so that we might all get to play it with a Square Enix sticker on it some day. Props to the creators for having the ambition to get involved with the newest indie promotional platform Square Enix Collective and we hope things work out well for this crowd funding campaign.

Donate to World War Machine

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