Dragon Ball: Xenoverse’s New Mystery Fighter Might actually be…


Some screenshots were recently released for Bandai Namco and Dimps’ Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the first Next-gen fighting game set in the DBZ universe.

The screenshots below introduces a brand new fighter (Or is he?) as he a fights through key moments from the show/manga. It seems as though the developers are adding a twist to the DBZ story canon. But just who is this new mystery fighter? For now info is being kept under wraps on who he is and his exact motive.


A scene from the Namek Saga, now with a red haired twist.

Personally I speculate that this new fighter is in fact an Adult Gohan from the future, or an alternate universe. Or maybe he is from the future in an alternate reality. Whatever the case may be time travel has to be involved, just take a look at the Capsule Corporations logo on the fighter’s jacket sleeve above. This warrior is clearly of Saiyan descent, with his spiky Super Saiyan style hair and he looks an awful lot like Adult Gohan to me.


Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan. See the resemblance?

The screenshot below also shows our mystery protagonist having a friendly chat with Future Trunks. Fans will notice that the young sword wielding hero isn’t wearing the Capsule Corp. getup he wore, when travelling back to the past to save the Z fighters and correct his horrible future. The mystery hero’s outfit with the exception of his cape (Which is similar to Piccolo’s), looks pretty similar.


Future Trunks and our Mystery Hero.


Future Trunks in his original outfit.


Our mystery hero in a similar getup.

More screens show the fighter charging up the Kamehameha wave and firing the special beam cannon. Gohan knows how to use the kamehameha as he learned it from his Father Goku, while the special beam cannon is Piccolo’s signature technique. Seeing as Piccolo was once Gohan’s mentor, it is highly plausible that the young Saiyan went on to master this move adding it to his repertoire.




Special Beam Cannon in action.

So far in my eyes, all signs point to this new mystery fighter being an Adult version of Gohan from the future. This story probably takes place in an alternate universe (Xenoverse maybe?), where Gohan is still alive and travels back in time to try to prevent whatever terrible future he lives in from ever happening. It seems he also managed to achieve Super Saiyan God status much like his Father did in the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie and that’s why his hair and pupils are red.

Who knows, maybe it isn’t Gohan and all-new character who just happens to look like him (Laziness?). Another possibility could be that this new fighter is just a generic create-a-fighter and players will be able to make him look however they see fit. This wouldn’t be the first Dragon Ball title to allow that feature, as Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi did with its ‘Hero Mode’.

Whatever the case may be, we won’t know until Dimps and Namco decides that we are. So stay tuned to RGN for more Xenoverse coverage leading up to the game’s release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Until then check out the rest of the screenshots and the E3 announcement video ICYMI.






What do you guys think, Super Saiyan God Adult Gohan from the future or someone else? Sound off!

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