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Nutjitsu is a top down 2D side-scrolling strategy action game for the Xbox One from developer Ninja Bee Games. In Nutjitsu players control a squirrel ninja who must reclaim stolen relics for his clan from their rivals, The Kitsune. The game is set up in a maze-puzzler layout (think Pac-Man), you have a series of stages that make up a set and completing them moves the next area. When the player takes control of the squirrel they must use the controller stick to out maneuver the Kitsune to gather all the relics and other items before they spot him. If he does happened to be spotted the player is given a few seconds to break the enemy’s line of sight before being caught and if one squirrel is startled then the rest will join in the hunt. There are power ups in the game that the ninja can use to remain unseen from the enemy one of which is to become invisible for a short time. These power ups will be crucial in later levels as the challenges ramps up and players will only be given a certain amount to use in each level, but you can adjust the difficulty level to that of your choosing.

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Nutjitsu has two modes Ninja Mode and Survival Mode. In Ninja Mode the game tracks your progress over the course of the levels and you will level up completed each one while earning XP. The better you are in Nutjitsu the faster you will level up. This makes acing the level a fun challenge because you will want to surpass your friends on the leaderboards to prove your ninja metta. In Survival mode pits the squirrel against an endless wave of ninja’s until he his captured. The only thing anyone can knock Nutjitsu is not having a quick tutorial on how to play the game and vaguely showing how to use the squirrels moves. This may shy some players away because they may not know how or what to do right away when the first start playing, however the controls in the Nutjitsu are still very tight and responsive. The squirrel will move as players want them to move with the thumbsticks and the shoulder buttons activate the power ups, with little to no button lag present.

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The presentation in Nutjitsu is very ninja esque, all the squirrels are decked out in Ninja gear, and the levels are miniaturised temples, valleys and other locals seen like the ones seen in ninja or kung fu movies. Nutjitsu really shows off the power of the Xbox One because the attention to detail in the games graphics even for this title is a astounding and the character animations are very robust and playful Players will see shadows and lighting effects on the map giving the maze a gorgeous and detailed look. The game’s soundtrack is a reminiscent of movies such as Mulan, or Enter The Dragon with a very brooding yet soft sound and will leave players humming the tunes long after the put down the controller. Nutjitsu is a great puzzle game and for $6.49 on XBLA this is not a title to pass up.

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Final Verdict

Nutjitsu is a very fun, light hearted game packed with tons of content for a low price. Players will have to take some time out to plan and strategize their playthroughs to get the ninja squirrel out alive with its lack of a tutorial mode or sequences found in other titles. The game is still very easy to pick up and play that once players start playing they may have trouble putting down their Xbox One controllers.

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Overall Score: 9.0/ 10

RGN Rating : Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Ninja Bee Games

Available On: Xbox One

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