Endless Legend – Early Access Preview [PC]

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Endless Legacy is the 4X RTS game from Amplitude Studios coming soon for the PC.  The game is set in on the planet Auriga and four factions, the Valters, The Wild Walkers, The Broken Lords and The Necrophages all fight to control the land. The Player is given the ability to control on faction at a time, found and run their kingdoms, expand and evolve their civilization by inventing new tech, weapons, machinery and more. While maintaining their chosen faction you can choose to live in peace with the other fractions or start a war and take over their lands. Endless Legend is a grand crossover of the RTS, Simulation and RPG genres for a brand new gaming experience.

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In this early access preview of Endless Legend there is no tutorial mode leaving the players to explore their vast landscape of Auriga while learning the controls all on there own. This is a both good and bad thing depending when the player that sits down with the game. If players get in on the early access beta and do not figure out the controls they may be turned off by the experience however there is an added challenge in not knowing what to do right away  and learning as you go. The tutorial mode will most likely will be unlocked in the final version of the game. When the player does get the hang of the controls, it would be a good idea to establish a base or a castle to contain your factions people then scout there area for treasures, other areas to build on and material for your  faction to expand and grown. Players can jump in and attack but at the beginning of the game it will be futile as the other factions are vastly more powerful the player’s faction and end their game. Endless Legend is shaping up to a grand RTS game with hours of exploration, expansion and action but the developers should take the time to make sure the game is fully accessible to players of all skill levels if they want to stand apart from the ever growing RTS genre.

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