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Wargame: Red Dragon is developed by Eugen Systems they are no strangers to making tactile RTS games with the inclusion of the Wargame Franchise and Ruse they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to war-games. Wargame: Red Dragon is also published by Focus Home Interactive which has published games such as the recently released Bound by Flame, Farming simulator, and Contrast. The Campaign for Wargame: Red Dragon is quite intense consisting of 5 separate campaigns they are: Buscan Pocket, Bear vs Dragon, Pearl of the Orient, Climb Mount Narodnaia, and Second Korean War. All of the missions take place over in Asia and involve several factions including; Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and the Soviet Union. All of this takes place during an alternate Cold War ranging from 1979 to 1992, the story is told through clips at the beginning of the each of the campaigns by video’s that have been made for this purpose they do a decent job at setting the stage for the gameplay but not a necessity really, also there are bit of dialog that will be found in each mission from your commanding officers or others on the battlefield.

Gameplay for Wargame: Red Dragon is very tactile system based on realism and real units. When thrusted into the action the game revolves around holding and controlling zones on very large maps. At the start of each match the user is assigned a set of units and each of these are worth so many command points, part of the hud shows how many command points are available to spend on units and as the user continues to dominate the battlefield they are given more command points to add more units. Now for units wow there is a whole slew of units ranging from; soldiers, tanks, ground vehicles, planes, choppers, and of course full naval units. Now this has a learning curve to how each unit works in battle and that will take some time in battle to figure out all the quirks of each unit. It can be very frustrating trying to learn how what units do what and how they do best in battle since battles can get very intense very quickly. The Controls for the game are very basic were navigating the map can be done with W, A, S, D and the rest is done with the mouse.

Wargame Red Dragon - PC

The Graphics for Wargame: Red Dragon are absolutely stunning this thing runs like a beast on most rigs, the amount of settings and graphic detail really is where this game shines. Being able to zoom all the way in and see the huge level of detail on every unit and the terrain is really a huge selling point to Wargame: Red Dragon also by selecting a unit and pressing i all the stats will come up on that unit which is really a great way to learn the units in the game. There is a little bit of slowdown when the screen fills up with units but that is to be expected and it all varies on the users graphics settings. The multiplayer community is really on this game and is willing to either help or dominate the game as fast as possibly so the typical multiplayer community out there and i find that this community is really hardcore into the game so there will be servers up for a long time and no shortage of finding a game online. I would have to say the hardest part about playing online with others is the learning curve since there is no exact matching system and you can join a game where you stand no chance of even winning.

Final Verdict:

Wargame: Red Dragon is a great game in the Wargame franchise it is a bit of a niche game, the gameplay really has a lot to offer with a huge learning curve if the user wants to learn every unit in the game. The graphics the game has to offer are gorgeous and always a great addition to the game. One of the biggest gripes about the game is the missing tutorial in the game there is one but its only text based and really leaves a lot to be desired when trying to learn the game or being new to the franchise i feel this would be much better with a walkthrough tutorial which really only can be found in the game by trial and error. All in all Wargame: Red Dragon is a great title and while it may have a steep learning curve it still is a great addition to the Strategy market of PC Gaming.

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Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Eugen Systems

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

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