Final Fantasy X-3 Rumor Receives New Evidence From Square Enix

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You may recall that it wasn’t too long ago (December 2013 to be exact) when we filed the FFX-3 Rumor for our readers explaining how Kazushige Nojima was stating to the public a willingness to create Final Fantasy X-3 if enough demand existed within the Final Fantasy fan-base.

Well, it appears that in Japan Square Enix may be attempting to test out that demand as we speak. Final Fantasy X-2.5 has been released as a ‘novella’ which extends the plot line of the series and opens up the room for a third entry. After the success witnessed with Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, Square Enix is likely to keep this on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita / Vita TV for now with the Final Fantasy fan-base purchasing up classic titles there at a decent rate.

Those who are searching for a Final Fantasy X-3 HD Release Date though are fresh out of luck. This project might not even exist, or could be in the very early stages of planning – ripe for cancellation if enough fan interest isn’t shown. If you want to see this game become a reality, we suggest you comment on this article, share it to your friends, and tweet it to the official Square Enix Account (@SquareEnixUSA) with your feedback.

[Some Info Sourced: GamerEscape]

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