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MyDream is a world building game. Once you start the game you have the options of starting your own world and beginning from scratch or join other world where you can help create marvels to eye.

The entirety of the world is left up to your own machinations and designs. The game provides you with an abundance of worlds to start and it gives you a choice of what world to start in, so you don’t have to worry about randoming the right world that you want to create in.

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Screen cap of a sample design in a world

Upon entering the world you are allowed to build just about anything you want. The tool provided is a magical power gauntlet thingy that allows you to dig and place any dirt or rock. You’re also allowed to place blocks of materials around which in a very Minecraft-esque way are the main way to build structures currently.

Although you can also just go in and enjoy the grand views that this game can provide.

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If this game does one thing right, it’s that it makes you feel small

There are a few prominent bugs that do, at times, break the gameplay experience and there are some issues with the game’s optimization, however the game is still in beta and those are the kinds of things that get fixed during the beta.

The great thing about MyDream is that it has that Minecraft feel with some gameplay elements taken from “From Dust” which allows the player to further what he can design his/her dream world with even less limitations.

If you are the kind of person who loves to play world building games the MyDream is the game for you, however do start soon-.

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-because it takes a looooong time.

You can help this game by Donating to their Kickstarter page here

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