Need For Speed Film Review

Need For Speed Movie - Film - Review

Need For Speed has been an established franchise from EA for quite some time and now they have left their mark with their new movie hitting the big screen today on March 14, 2014. Starring Aaron Paul best known from the Breaking Bad series playing as street racer Tobey Marshall. Dominic Cooper playing as Dino Brewster, as well as other actors and actress that include: Imogen Poots, Scott Mescudi, Rami Malek, Ramon Rodriguez, Dakota Johnson, and Michael Keaton.

The story starts off in a small town upstate from New York where Tobey Marshall(Aaron Paul) is a local racer that competed against his rival Dino (Dominic Cooper). Dino made it big racing Indy cars and competing in professional races and also runs a high end card dealership. While Tobey runs a small garage in New York that he inherited from his father who had just passed away. The story follows Tobey as he helps finish a custom Ford Mustang for Dino that Carroll Shelby was building before he died, Dino plans on selling the card for $2,000,000 and giving Tobey 25% of the selling so that he can pay his payments on the garage.

Tobey brings the card out to the track to show the buyer that the car is capable of more than 230 mph and this fires up Dino so they decide to settle it by bringing Tobey and his friend Pete to his uncles house where they race 3 illegal european Koenigsegg Agrea cars if Tobey Wins he gets Dino’s 75% share of the Mustang money and if Dino wins he gets Toeby’s. The race is epic and super fast through the highway where at the end Dino is being beat so he slams Pete’s car off the road and into the rocks. Tobey goes back to help Pete but he is too late Pete’s car explodes into fire and Tobey goes to jail for manslaughter as Dino and his car escape and no evidence is found that the was even there.

The Story picks up 2 years later as Tobey is released from prison and sets to avenge Pete’s death he borrows the Shelby Mustang he built while being accompanied by Julia (Imogen Poots) to enter the De Leon a winner take all race that is designed by the Monarch (Michael Keaton). They have to get to the race in San Francisco which starts in two days so they haul ass across the country while there are plenty of humorous moments and some near death experiences. The story follows Tobey and his crew as they continue towards California to race in the De Leon, don’t want to give any spoilers past this part.

Need for speed of course like its name has a lot of extremely fast cars in the movie everything from the Shelby Mustang to the Mclaren P1. The movie doesn’t include CGI or very little of it the stunts are fast and keep you in the drivers seat. There is a real good feeling of speed in this movie with some of the best racing i have seen in a movie in a long time. The racing is really intense with several races during the movie ranging from the sprint type of racing to elimination racing. The movie sticks to the topography of the games by racing through areas from multiple games at high speeds. While the acting might of not been the very best at all time I feel that Need for speed is a great action racing movie that i would highly recommend especially if it can be seen on an Ultrascreen.

Overall Score: 8.8 / 10

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