Sony To Release Patch To Allow Finer Video Editing, HDCP Off, And Twitch 720P HD Resolution

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Ever capture an astonishing moment during your game, but can’t edit it to a point where it looks the best? Or you’re slightly irritated you can’t your videos and screenshots anywhere else? Sony’s got you covered. Sony announced Thursday on their blog; “This upcoming update will add a rich video editor with a simple tool to personalize your video clip, and you’ll be able to export and save the videos and screenshots you create by pressing the SHARE button to a USB drive.” Not only that, but they’re also implementing an option to turn off HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and record your gameplay via HDMI. So instead of a 15 minute video of your game, there will be no limits on how long your video can be. Which is nice because competitive games and/or your astonishing moments could last longer than 15 minutes.

To add on the share feature for the console, Sony will also be implementing the ability to broadcast your gameplay via Twitch and Ustream. Not only that, your broadcasts will stream at a pretty 720p. So your live broadcasts will look all nice for any viewer interested in watching. Sony will say more int he coming weeks. Keep in mind that Sony is releasing this patch due to the gamers suggestions. Sony has made it clear that they’re here for the gamers, stating in the blog “Here at Playstation, we listen closely to your comments and requests, which are weighed heavily when looking at the future of our platforms.

Since Playstation 4 launched, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback from you about what you like with the platform and what you’d like to see us work on.” Simply put, they’re interested in your comments, and want to know what you want to make it a better console. That is a developer that I can trust. With this new update, people will be more connected and inclined to upload their most epic moments in gaming and share with their friends or with other people throughout the entire network of Playstation. Personally, I’m excited for this update. As mush as I like to upload videos of epic moments in games or rage quits, this is something I’m very much looking forward to. With this upcoming system update, we can expect to see a lot more coming from Playstation due to their dedication to their work, and they’re initiative to entertain and keep the customers happy.

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