GDC 2014: It’s Like E3, But For Developers (Mostly)

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In jus a couple of weeks The Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC 2014) will take place. GDC is an industry trade event where professionals such as programmers, artists, executives, marketing teams, public relations crews, publishers, investors, gaming press, and more all come together to discuss important issues facing the industry as a whole this year. Beyond this, panels are held with topics often ranging from analysis of cultural phenomena, business politics, technological innovation, strategic posturing, major industry announcements, and more.

Over the years GDC has also become similar to PAX and E3 in that gamers who are sitting out on the sidelines and catching the information flowing from the event in the comfort of their own homes have come to expect a certain amount of announcements from major publishers and game companies (especially ‘The Big 3’). Many game companies have already began listing their lineups for the GDC 2014 event and appointment booking is already commencing as well.

Readers can rest assured that all of the trailers released at / alongside this year’s GDC 2014 will find their way to RealGamerNewz in the highest quality resolution available. Beyond that, we are committed to posting relevant and important industry / developer issues that are brought up by this year’s panels and news announcements. Be sure to shoot us an email if we miss anything or if you have specific topics you want discussed with our business partners and crew (email us at our tips account). Expect a WrapUp Videocast or two in addition to the stream of coverage the team aims to provide, with the potential appearance of industry insiders and indie developers chiming in on these issues with the RGN Podcast Crew and / or through text-based RGN Analysis articles.

For info / videos released during GDC 2014, follow our dedicated GDC 2014 Section here.

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