Gears of War Xbox ONE Possibilities – GoW 4… Or Something Else?

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Something that many Gears fans might not know is that in all actuality, the humans in the Gears Of War franchise are considered to be “the bad guys” by the majority of beings found in the game. This is shown after they’ve destroyed everything, at the end of Gears 3, and the Locust Queen basically calls all of mankind ‘villains’ while providing some supportive reasons as to why. Personally, I don’t think Marcus and the crew are exactly “bad”, but the majority of the human race? Yes, for sure.

Now a new Gears Of War is headed our way as Microsoft has acquired the rights to the franchise and plan to do something with it for their next-generation Xbox ONE console. A year after the Locust came up, 90% of the planet was destroyed and 80% of the human population destroyed even themselves, which explains all the dust people and why some view the humans as savage and irrational. The COG also knew the locust were going to invade for years because of the lambent, but this destruction came from their own technology.

Gears of War: Judgment’s story is Baird’s own personal story, it’s not the big picture as shown in the trilogy. Gears Of War on Xbox ONE could potentially explore the possibility that the Locust are not really good guys, they captured humans, beat them, raped them, ate them, and more. But they aren’t totally in the wrong either; the humans are really bad to each other and other species as well. So it’s like two dirt bag species just fighting each other without much gain on either end, just destruction for all. Eventually this has to be explained in the franchise, or come to a point where things boil over – or even less likely, change.

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Halo is kind of like that too in some ways, and this has been addressed in their plot lines throughout the series as well. This series could end up being used as a guide for how to create the Xbox ONE plot lines for the Gears Of War games coming up, either way there are definitely lessons to learn from how Bungie and 343i handled things.

In Halo 4 the Didact hates humans for many reasons and wants to enslave them all and turn them into his Promethean knights. Master Chief stops him because – let’s be honest he doesn’t do anything else. When you really think about it, Master Chief is an extremely flawed character who was captured by the human government, tortured, turned into a super human through agonizing treatments, brainwashed to be a sociopath and psychopath killing machine (sound familiar), and then finally gains feelings at the end of Halo 4 for Cortana but doesn’t understand them

Humans in Halo after Halo 3 are becoming more like humans in Gears; arrogant and cruel. One big conflict (the Covenant) brought them together for a while but the writing on the wall spells out ‘it won’t last forever’.

Gears Of War on Xbox ONE could possibly be a legit and essential Gears Of War 4 entry in the series. Due to a character in Gears 3 called Aaron Griffon, a former billionaire who made his money off of the same stuff that made everyone lambent, having created his own small society when Marcus and crew showed up then they all died. Aaron obviously hated the COG for what they did to the planet. He told Fenix they would settle this again someday and flipped him off. He said no matter where the COG go and what they do the leave a trail of death.

All of this gives plenty of motive for this character to possibly become either a new villain for the series or a rebel hero archetype, as well as provide enough exhilarating events to propel the series forward beyond the so-called end that players were prevented with in GoW 3. Some Locust may have survived the extinction event that was caused at the end of Gears 3, but if Locust is exclusively what GoW 4 has to offer we could all end up very disappointed. It seems that past themes and influences will be in place but as a background fixture to keep the core essence of the franchise alive. The other possibility is that Microsoft and their development studio could go the Prequel route with a game about the war before E-day, or even another event during the COG War possibly providing an open world / MMO style of game pitting players as Locust and COG.

Everything remains to be seen, and feel free to voice your opinions / predictions / fan requests for the game companies developing the next Gears Of War games to consider.

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