Deadly 30 Review


Deadly 30 is a 2D side scrolling survival shooter, developed by Ignatus Zak and Gonzalo Villagomez. Now as an avid fan of old style games such as side scrollers and platformers, I say that Deadly 30 definitely fits in to those field of games and is very fun play.

The game is definitely not much for a story, but essentially the player follows an unknown American G.I., who just survived a huge battle against the undead and is the only survivor. The G.I. stumbles upon an abandoned small building, where waves of undead lay siege and the player has to survive as long as possible.

For the aspects of gameplay Deadly 30 is well designed and still appeals towards 2D side scrolling, the game controls are simple and the design element for the level was well done. What really lays the concrete for this game and gives it a more enjoyable boost is that players have the ability to build fortifications, while collecting scrap metal which allows players to build them, once they have enough. Another small feature that really gives the game a fun boost is the variety of weapons at the player’s disposal.

Musically is very basic when it comes to Deadly 30, the only thing it adds is a feeling of eeriness to the player and will keep him alert which adds to the survival aspect. Graphically Deadly 30 really does touch well on what 2D side scrolling games should be with the pixelated blood and all. The Great thing about these kind of graphics, is as much as we are all tune with today’s amazing graphics it’s always nice to get that nostalgic feeling of playing games with old style graphics.

Replay Value: Deadly 30’s replay value is decent but could have a player bored of it eventually unless the developers release updates to keep it interesting. Right now what makes me want to keep playing is the challenge of beating my survival record every time and that the change of survivors and weapons makes it interesting.

Final Verdict:

If you’re a player who really enjoys old style games and 2D side scrolling gun toting survival games, then Deadly 30 is a great pick. Graphically and gameplay wise the game is perfect for a 2D side scroller and is very enjoyable to kill time when your bored. As for replay value at first it would be great fun, but will eventually get boring so a few updates to keep it interesting would be awesome. Otherwise Deadly 30 is a platinum game and a great pick.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Ignatius Zak and Gonzalo Villagomez

Publisher: Headup Games

Available On: Windows

Review Copy Info: A copy of this game was provided by the developers for the purpose of the review

Score Breakdown

Gameplay: 30/30
-Graphics/Music: 5/5
-Online Capabilities: N/A
-Replay Value: 7/10
-Overall Rating: 42/45=93%

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