The Shivah Review


The Shivah is a point and click adventure style game by Wadjet Eye Games. I have always these types of games to be extremely entertaining and fun experience just based off the fact of how simple but amazing it is.

The Shivah follows a man named Rabbi Stone living in New York city, trying to maintain a failing synagogue. During a service of questioning his ethics, morals and beliefs he leaves and tells everyone to go. Later a detective by the name of Durkin questions Rabbi Stone about the death of a former member of the synagogue Jack Lauder, who in his will, left Rabbi Stone ten thousand dollars. After an argument between Detective Durkin and Rabbi Stone, the Rabbi heads out to figure out who murdered Jack Lauder and why he left him this substantial amount of money.

The Shivah gameplay is perfect for a point and click adventure game, it is very smooth and simplistic with no complicated controls. I also find that with The Shivah for it being a simple point and click game they really did a great job on making the interaction portion of gameplay. By doing this it keeps the player interested in continuing the game seeing as this game is not combat oriented, but story-based instead. But seeing as combat is not a huge factor in this, I find the basic combat system or “Talmudic Combat” as they call it in the game, very well down.

The Shivahs graphics is standard old style arcade pixel graphics, which is not bad for I found it gives players a more enjoyable game experience while combining the old style feeling to it. Musically being the Shivah’s storyline is very mysterious and investigative, so I found that the music only affected the game by enhancing the stories mood for the player.

Replay Value: The Shivas has a decent replay value, based on the developers added in the feature,that depending on how your conversation goes will affect how the story goes later. Essentially this leaves a lot of room for replay, because then you can go back and change how you responded in previous conversations changing the outcome of the story.

Final Verdict: The Shivah is overall a Diamond game, the story really draws you into wanting to keep going. The gameplay is really simplistic, smooth but is great for a minor combat game. The replay value definitely is decent based off the fact that a certain decision can change the whole story outcome. So if you like to relax and just cruise through a simple game with a great story and dialogue, The Shivah is definitely a great game to play.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developer and Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of the review.

(Bonus: Score Breakdown)

Gameplay: 30/30
-Graphics/Music: 5/5
-Online Capabilities: N/A
-Replay Value: 10/10
-Overall Rating: 45/45=100%

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