Powerstar Golf Xbox ONE Review


PowerStar Golf is a arcade sports title developed by Zoë Mode for the Xbox One. PSG is set in a colorful world with wildly animated golfers with equally gleeful caddies. The player will choose one golfer and one caddie for each game of golf and both have special abilities to help you clear each hole. The Golfer’s have access to a variety of Golf Tee’s, power ups and skills via the booster packs available from the in game store and can earn credits while playing or purchase additional credits from the online store.

Caddies also have power ups as well as skills that can be purchased and assigned from the booster packs and they will give you tips while on the green with the golfer. If the player wants to change the look of his golfer or caddie they can do so, most boosters come with new outfits for every character in the game.

The game offers just a few modes but packs so much content inside of them its hard to complain. The is Free Play, Career, Local Multi-player and Rival Mode . Free Play lets you play and master courses as you unlock them in the Career mode. Career Mode sets you on the path to become the Power Star Golf Champion and unlock more golfers and caddies along the way. Local Multi-player lets you play against your friends in either stroke or match play. Rival Mode lets you play against players on your friends list best runs in the game.


When the plays hit the turf and swing the clubs in Power Star Golf its a smooth experience. The left thumb stick is for aiming your golf club, while the A button allows you to begin your swing, set the power and then execute said swing. Players can use the Y button to see where the swing may land, the X button to engage the golfer skill and to B button to engage the caddie skill. The golfer and caddies skills reflects their personalities.

If they are power swingers you will see power results, if their swings are more about precision or finesse their skills will reflect that and the same goes with the caddies. The PSG is pretty straightforward; advancing through the courses and depending on your performance you will win a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal at the end of each course. Depending on how well your fair or how much you play and complete the courses you will level up and your credit payout will also be determined by this as well. Leveling up in PSG is the only way to unlock courses, items and the ability to play as new golfers in game.

If you need help you can refer to your caddie or watch the in game tutorials. The only thing brings the game play down is the lack of online game play with golfers across the world. It is nice to beat out other golfers scores and swings while seeing it in real time its not the same as playing it online. There may be some gamers that will also gawk at the fact that you can buy extra credits instead of earning them but since your have to play to unlock most of the games content this shouldn’t be a problem.


The game world is gorgeous and since the graphical style and overall tone of the game is cheerful and fun Power Star Golf shines. The courses are varied, the roughs, fairways, bunkers and greens are all lush and beautiful. The backgrounds will distract players with the insane detail and amazing views. The wind will effect the trajectory of the golfers swings but that’s about as real as it gets with the game world. PSG is not a PGA sponsored/themed title so the golfers are relaxed, playful and chatty.

The golfers and caddies banter will make players chuckle from time to time. If a caddie is chatting up the golfer before the player swings and if the swing is executed before the caddie finishes his thought the golfer will tell him to be quiet as he starts his drive. The games soundtrack is smooth and catchy but nothing will have gamers head to the Xbox website to purchase it from Xbox Music store. Powerstar Golf is a great sports game for the Xbox One and for 14.99 it is a steal on the Xbox Live Arcade Store.


Final Verdict:

Power Star Golf is a great sports title and a must own for any golf fan. The lack of online multiplayer and the inclusion of “pay for play” elements may shy away some gamers but all in all Power Star Golf is still a solid game worthy of any Xbox One owner’s collection.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developers: Zoë Mode

Publishers: Microsoft Studios

Available On: Xbox ONE

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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