Tiny Thief Review


Tiny Thief is a puzzle game from 5Ants and Rovio Stars for the PC, IOS and Android. The player takes control of a young thief that steals from the rich kingdom and gives to the poor townspeople and lowly animals. The game is presented and structured  like another Rovio title Angry Birds, there are three objectives in the level and you can gain three stars for completing it.

The twist to the game is you cannot be seen by the enemy adding a layer of stealth to the game play and every level ups the ante. The Thief’s movements are controlled by the click of the mouse or touch on your mobile device making Tiny Thief very easy to play. When beginning each level you will be greeted with a illustrated cut scene that details what you will be doing in the current level. These images show up very briefly but will ensue some laughs before jumping into play.


The Thief will be able to hide inside furniture, use animals, food and other things to distract the enemy guards. and finish the levels. The introductory levels serve as the games tutorial and as players progress the challenge will ramp up. Players will have to time the Thief’s movements so he won’t be spotted and if he is the they will lose the level and have to start again. Tiny Thief does a good job to reel the player in but not enough to keep him or her hooked and the control scheme is partly to blame.

It would have been nice if players were given a second control option to move the Thief freely around the stage using the arrow keys or swipe of the touch screen to ramp up the speed of the on-screen action. There will be some players out there who come into the game expecting the speed and excitement of games like Angry Birds or Run or Die and will be disappointed with the slow pace of the game.

The Thief will go to different sections of the kingdom as his adventure progresses. These new areas will present new mission objectives but some players may not want to follow his adventure for to long due to the games speed. Tiny Thief however still packs in enough charm and content that will cause players to come back even if they may be frustrated with the fixed control scheme just to see what happens next.


Tiny Thief’s character art and setting adds to the charm of the game with its playful color scheme and simplistic design. When the player looks upon Thief he sports a hooded garb similar to Robin Hood as he moves through the game’s medieval themed levels while he’s hoodwinking the guards. The medieval-esque fanfare also adds to games warm and happy tone despite the Thief robbing the Kingdom. The characters in the level also sport very subtle animations and when the player interacts with them wackiness ensues.


Final Verdict

Tiny Thief is a puzzle game that dares to be different and even through its shortcomings, it shines. The lack of control options and decreased variety as the player progress may shy some gamers away but overtime the games charm will bring players back for more adventures with the Thief.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developers: 5ants / Rovio Stars

Publisher: Rovio

Available On: PC | iOS | Android

Played on : Windows PC and Android

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