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Magicite RealGamerNewz Review

Magicite is an indie game that has an early access release on steam and continues the trend of indie survival adventure games but with a 2D platformer / RPG twist to it. When players start the game they create a character of which they would like to play the game as. This character creation process includes being able to choose how he / she will look. Stats for the character are randomly generated along with traits. Annoyingly though, you cannot select your own stats or traits which diminishes the customizability of your character.

When players enter the world they have only an axe and two random objects, then off they go. Much in the survival adventure spirit, players are not given any tutorials on how to play the game which usually makes the first hour or so of gameplay completely dedicated to experimentation. However, Magicite gives a time limit in each area so prepare to be surprised at the giant flying purple faces that kill you when you take too long.

The game progresses like a platformer in the sense that each area has a beginning and an end to it, which (along with the aforementioned time limit) restrains the amount of time you are gathering materials and fighting creatures. Magicite also boasts perma-death, so it pays to be careful otherwise you may lose all your armor that you worked hard for and have to start right at the beginning in a randomly generated area.

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With that in mind the game is all about replay ability and I feel it falls short in this aspect because of the progression system. One minute you may be fighting a boss that just cracks you in twine and then, poof, you are suddenly right at the start of the game again with nothing. The controls are fairly simple to learn and don’t need any time to get used to; right click to use your equipped item, left click to attack.

Graphically, Magicite is very astounding. The game uses a faux 64 bit graphics mode which matches the atmosphere of the game perfectly. However, the game fails to properly show what exactly can hurt you because everything seems to be in the foreground including the scenery which may confuse some people as to what is actually dangerous when they get killed by a falling snowball.

Enemies are randomly generated along with the area you start in and other than bosses there is no real progression to them. Sometimes you may start in an area with lots of pigs and one slime while other times you may start off eye to eye with a freaking rhinoceros which makes for some really interesting and unpredictable play-throughs to say the least.

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Magicite has an invite-only multiplayer system that allows players to play the game with their friends, and online the perma-death only applies when the whole group perishes and players that have been killed can be brought back with their comrades.

Final Verdict:

Sadly Magicite is a very disjointed game because of the developer’s attempts at innovating the game with the RPG and platformer elements, without which Magicite would be just another survival adventure game and overall there are better games in this genre worth exploring. Overall the game had potential and fell short in many ways, with the developers having a lot to learn and hopefully address before bringing it out of Early Access. Magicite in its current state gets a 4.5 out of 10 (also known in some parts as a 45%).

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Official Score: 4.5/10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer / Publisher: SmashGames

Available On: PC | Mac OS X | Linux

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